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Marketing For Painters - Absolute Painting’s Journey From Outdated to Outstanding


Absolute Painting




Kansas City, United States

How Tradie Web Guys Boosted Absolute Painting's Conversion Rates

Absolute Painting approached Tradie Web Guys with an outdated website, driven by their desire to stand out in the competitive painting industry. This case study reveals how we level up their online presence and marketing game with our expertise in creating websites for painters.

The Client - From Tradesman to Digital Success

Mike, with over 15 years of experience, leads Absolute Painting in Kansas City, where he’s committed to providing an exceptional painting experience. The team at Absolute Painting consistently strives to deliver a “WOW” factor for their valued clients.

Mike’s journey with us began when he heard Matt, the director of Tradie Web Guys, on a podcast. Inspired by Matt’s thoughts on showcasing trade businesses as experts through content, Mike turned to us for quality leads, increased conversions, and a transformed website. 

Here’s how we made Mike’s vision shine in the digital landscape!

What Held Absolute Painting Back

  • Absolute Painting came to us with a website that didn't match their goals. They needed a major upgrade to showcase their expertise in the painting industry.
  • They were struggling to attract the right leads and conversions, a common issue among trade businesses. Absolute Painting desired leads of higher quality, not just quantity, to ensure their resources were used efficiently.
  • Managing leads and communication within their organisation was chaotic. We aimed to provide them with a centralised system to streamline processes and enhance team coordination.

Tradie Web Guys understood these challenges and took them on as our own. Our partnership with Absolute Painting was about transforming these obstacles into stepping stones toward their remarkable success in the painting industry.

Struggling with Similar Issues?

Absolute Painters - Case Study by TWG

Services That Took Absolute Painting To The Next Level

Absolute Painting’s incredible journey from challenges to wins was made possible through our results-guaranteed services. Similar to creating a beautiful painting, these services came together to craft a bright and successful future for their business. 

  • Website Upgrade
  • Content Creation
  • Automation (Internal Tasks & Lead Management)
  • Local SEO Optimization
  • Email & SMS Marketing
  • Lead Management CRM

Our Approach: Taking Absolute Painting to Greater Heights

Upon Absolute Painting’s engagement with us, we decided to enrol them in our program, a core offering designed to equip businesses with the knowledge needed to make informed marketing decisions. We took the first step with their website.

Their outdated website needed a significant upgrade. We revamped it using WordPress, making it more modern, optimizing it for search engines, outperforming competitors, and ensuring it operates smoothly.

We optimised the messaging, ensuring that it was concise, and compelling especially above the fold with high-quality photos, showcasing testimonials, and integrating reviews onto the web pages.

Absolute Painting had unique processes, like daily checklists, startup protocols, and final walkthroughs. Recognising their appeal to potential clients, we incorporated these into their upgraded website using both copy and embedded video, setting them apart from competitors.

Quality over quantity was the game plan for Absolute Painting, as they required a handful of high-quality leads rather than a multitude of leads. Our strategy and expertise in marketing for painters is making it happen.

We used their skill in creating video content to improve the qualify of their vidoes, optimize their YouTube channel, and added videos on website pages make the user experience and lead journey better.

Tradie Web Guys’ personalised approach covered outstanding website transformation, content strategy optimisation, email lead nurturing, and contact management. This is how our services and approach propelled Absolute Painting towards success with awe-inspiring results in the competitive painting industry. 

After: Spotlight On Absolute Painting’s Impressive Results

Top Rankings, Conversion Growth, SEO Milestones & More

Here at Tradie Web Guy results speak louder than words. These achievements are a testament to the effectiveness of our unique strategies and the dedication we bring to our clients like Absolute Painting. 

Our Top Wins: From Podcast Listener to Valued Partner

As highlighted before, Mike’s journey with Tradie Web Guys started when he tuned in to a podcast featuring our insights on how tradies like him can unleash them using the power of content and digital marketing. Inspired by our message, he reached out to us, bridging the gap of thousands of miles from America to seek our expertise in marketing for painters.

This initial connection sparked a partnership that has not only yielded exceptional results but also cultivated a genuine friendship. As a testament to our collaborative success, Mike later joined us in recording a podcast with Tradie Web Guys Director Matt.

In this podcast, he shared his transformative journey from brushstroke to success. The podcast serves as a valuable resource, inspiring fellow painters to success.

Listen to the Tradie Web Guys podcast featuring Mike, Click Here!

Project Reflection: Absolute Painting’s Ride With Us

The journey we’ve undertaken with Absolute Painting is nothing short of extraordinary. Together, we’ve achieved remarkable milestones, from a website makeover to securing top Google rankings, and the influx of inquiries that followed. These results demonstrate our tailored approach and Absolute Painting’s unwavering commitment to success.

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At Tradie Web Guys, in the realm of digital marketing, we thrive on delivering results that make a real impact. We love what we do because it’s not just about our work; it’s about making our clients successful in their niches.

We’re the ones who work for you day and night, to ensure you stay at the top of your game. Your success is our passion, and we’re here to make it happen, just as we’ve done for our number of clients.

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