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Create a hub of job lead and client activity.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) isn’t just about entering data correctly, answering the phone and showing up on time.

You should also be consistently communicating, managing client engagement with your business, moving leads through your sales funnels, and much more.

Without these insights and processes, you’ll never know if you’re doing all that you can to convert a customer, or if they’ve become another lead you’ve let slip through your fingers.

With the right system, CRM can become a daily part of operations within your business, and can help you nurture and grow your database so it is full of loyal and repeat clients.

Lucky for you, we’ve already got the strategy, structure and tools to get it sorted.


How Customer Relationship Management helps tradies and contractors.

Customer Relationship Management can help business owners communicate and manage clients effectively, as well as design powerful sales funnels to nurture job leads.

With the right CRM system, a customised sales process can be created by managing communication, automating various tasks, and setting up appointments and reminders.

A CRM system can also help you define your leads. Interests, actions, behaviours and more can all be recorded to effectively target their marketing and communication.

When armed with the right system, tradies can use CRM to manage their database of new, old and potential clients, and nurture every one into becoming a loyal customer.

How Tradie Web Guys handles Customer Relationship Management.

Our team sets our clients up with a brand new CRM system and helps them customise it to suit their business needs, sales process and more.

We’ve been around the block when it comes to testing what works and what doesn’t when it comes to CRM, and having finally honed our craft, we’re ready to pass it on.

When you start with our team, the CRM squad will get right to work, creating your new system for you, complete with logins and ready to deploy.

From there, we’ll work with you to set up and customise a number of key areas, including communication, segmentation, and sales funnels.

Some of the customisations we’ll offer include:

Segmented Contact Lists

We’ll set up a customer list, main list and partners/affiliates list so you can customise your communication to suit the right audience and create an even more targeted sales process.

Automated Proposal Follow-Up

We’ll show you how to use automations by creating one that will automate the follow-up on any bids and/or proposals and notify you once action is required.

Newsletter Templates

We’ll also give you a tried and tested template you can use to start creating and sending out newsletters to the different lists of contacts we’ve built for you.

Sales Funnel Stages

We’ll build out custom sales stages so you can effectively manage leads as they flow through your funnel. We’ll include triggers for different actions, automated tasks and more.

Complete Tagging System

We’ll create a tagging system so you can segment your contacts and leads by their interests, actions and behaviours (making it easy to target their communication and marketing!).

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"I am currently working on restructuring my business model so I can focus my attention to marketing and utilising these tools to have an even bigger impact."

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