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Marketing For Solar Installers - From Promise to 10-Day Phenomenal Results


SJ Power




Central Coast, NSW Australia

How We Generated a 2881% ROAS for a Solar Electrical Company in Only 10 Days

SJ Power, an Aussie-based solar electrical company, partnered with Tradie Web Guys to transform their business with increased lead generation. See how our expertise in marketing for solar installers achieved a 2,881% return on ad spend in just 10 days.

This case study is about keeping promises, delivering fantastic results, and making things easy for our clients, consistently resulting in their happiness and ongoing success.

The Client

Tradesman Journey To The Top

Founded by Shae Jarvis, SJ Power is a 100% locally owned venture with a vision for a greener future in homes and communities. The SJ Power team has been passionate about harnessing solar power and offering top-quality solar panel and battery services to homeowners on the Central Coast since 2019. 

Shae turned to us to boost his solar business in the targeted area, with quality leads, and an upgraded website. The team at Tradie Web Guys worked their magic wand, giving SJ Power the push it needed to move ahead. 

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What SJ Power Was Struggling With

  • When SJ Power approached us, their primary challenge lay in the inconsistency of lead generation. The leads they received lacked branding as they originated from lead aggregation sites, diminishing the quality.
  • These leads, lacking association with the company's brand, led to a bidding war scenario as they competed against other companies for projects.
  • In addressing these issues, our focus was on establishing a conversation around branded and consistent leads, breaking free from the bidding war cycle that often accompanies lead aggregation.

Tradie Web Guys firmly believe in generating qualified leads from a branded source, and we applied the same strategy to assist SJ Power. Shae presented these challenges to us, and we tackled them in no time.

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Services That Became a Game-Changer for SJ Power

At Tradie Web Guys, we transform our clients’ journeys through our results-guaranteed services. We did the same for SJ Power and introduced our services to them. Just as solar brightens homes, we illuminate their business. Our team in each department worked hard to exceed Shae’s expectations.

  • Website Upgrade
  • Content Creation
  • Automation (Internal Tasks & Lead Management)
  • Local SEO Optimization
  • Email & SMS Marketing
  • Lead Management CRM

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Our Approach

Elevating SJ Power to Where They're Meant to Be

We craft a personalised digital marketing strategy for every client who joins us, understanding their unique needs, challenges, and obstacles disturbing their progress.

Our approach is a tailored journey, guiding our clients step by step from the current point to the ultimate destination they aspire to reach.

To address SJ Power's lead generation challenges, our initial focus was on establishing a complete lead management system. Through our foundation program, we ensure complete transparency over leads, capturing contacts and nurturing them through a defined sales cycle.

This robust system, incorporating text and email automation, guarantees control over the entire sales process.

The leads generated for SJ Power are seamlessly integrated into a defined system, allowing us to move them through an opportunity pipeline. This ensures clarity on the value at each stage of the sales process, providing real-time insights into their lead generation progress.

Recognising the significance of a polished online presence, we revamped SJ Power's website using WordPress. Understanding the website's role as the first point of contact for visitors, our team crafted a user-friendly design that seamlessly adapts to any device—be it a mobile, tablet, or desktop —delivering impressive experience at first glance.

The revamped website positions SJ Power as the go-to expert in solar services, enhancing its ranking, credibility, and online presence with our crafted SEO-optimised pages. SJ Power's new website now serves as a platform to showcase their work, projects, blogs, and services effectively.

With our tailored approach, we not only attracted high-quality leads that resonate with SJ Power’s brand but also enhanced their online visibility and overall marketing impact within the solar industry. Our focus was on ensuring not just quantity but also quality, leaving a lasting mark for SJ Power in the competitive solar market.

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SJ Power Turning Leads into Jobs, Smoothly…

SJ Power is fully on board with our user-friendly CRM for tradies software, utilising it for discovery calls and site visits before leads turn into jobs. This streamlined process includes a complete review request sequence as part of their after-sales journey.

Our CRM seamlessly integrates with SJ Power’s job management system, Simpro, allowing a smooth transition from leads to quotes and bringing them back into the system, tagged as customers.

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Your Success is Our Promise – Be It Any Niche or Market

At Tradie Web Guys, we guarantee to provide a continuous flow of branded leads tailored to your distinct business needs. Whether you operate in the solar industry or any other trade, our objective is to spotlight your expertise with a polished and professional representation.

We not only ensure you look as outstanding as your craft but also contribute to establishing a reliable sales and marketing system. Whether your focus is on qualified leads, website enhancements, or improved rankings, we’re here to deliver. 


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