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We’ve worked with tradies and contractors for years, so we know business growth is a common goal for owners and operators.

However, more clients in the books and staff out on the road aren’t the only things businesses should have before making the leap to expansion – there’s a lot more than people think to the story and structure behind growth.

In order to fill your business bucket, and get it overflowing with results, you need to make sure your success isn’t going to seep through any cracks you’ve missed, like poorly designed workflows, a lack of critical resources and more.

That’s where our FREE Opportunity Assessment comes in.

Knowing where to start can be tough.

The cracks won't always be where you think.

A lot of the trade-based businesses we’ve helped grow came to us focused on the future without fully understanding how to get there.

They thought they were ready to expand because jobs were flowing in consistently, their customers were happy and they’d hired a few staff.

Behind this progress though, there were always the same issues that would inevitably stunt their growth, like:

  • Inconsistent communication with customers
  • No follow-up workflows to nurture and convert job leads
  • Complete invisibility in search results and search engines
  • No resources showcasing their high-quality workmanship

These issues can stop business growth in its tracks because they show there is nothing in place to ensure consistency in work (and revenue!). 

Without the right systems to nurture leads and ensure visibility where it matters most, business opportunity seeps through the cracks.

Opportunity Assessment

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Getting Started

Ready to complete the easiest, but most valuable four-step process ever? Great! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click the orange ‘Assess My Business Opportunity’ button and complete our ‘Business Snapshot’ form.
  2. Book in a time to go over your goals and discuss your results with our Director, Matt Jones.
  3. Check your inbox as we’ll send you the results of your assessment as soon as they’re ready.
  4. Show up to your free strategy session with Matt and be ready. Bring your questions and a notebook.


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Show Up

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Filling up the bucket isn't hard, you just need a starting point.

A clear action plan will set you up for success.

Growing a business means means bigger overheads, new costs and more responsibility on your shoulders.

To handle these new risks, you need to make sure you’ve got the best possible business backing you.

This means:

  • Getting organised
  • Implementing the right systems
  • Making sure your communication is on point
  • Getting the visibility and traffic to win more work
  • And much more…

Arming your business with the right systems will mean you won’t just fill your bucket, but get it overflowing with results. 

Want to know more? Check out these FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

The Opportunity Assessment will help you because it will clearly outline any issues that will prevent your business from growing, like systems you are missing, processes you need, workflows to improve and more.

Not only will it identify the problems, it will also provide solutions in the form of a clear action plan to resolve issues and make improvements.

These changes will then make your business more visible and appealing to potential customers, while giving you the best chance at ensuring consistency in work to support your growth.

You certainly can. All we want to do is give you the knowledge, understanding and recommendations you need to succeed.

Once you get your assessment results, the choice of what to do with it is entirely up to you. 

It’s important to note though that to see results you need to take action.

So, whether you implement the action plan yourself, pass it on to someone else, or even hire us to help, the most critical part is that you are doing something with the information.

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