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Drive more high-quality traffic to your website and get your tradie business seen in searches by your ideal customer.


‘Right place, right time’ doesn’t have to happen by chance

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a digital strategy that’s designed to get your business in front of the people that are searching for it in engines like Google and Bing

When done right, SEO means you won’t leave any part of your dream customer’s journey up to chance. Instead, you’ll pave the way directly to your business and the services you offer.

This doesn’t just mean you’ll drive more traffic to your website either, SEO can help to attract better quality leads and position you as a reputable and trusted authority in your industry.


What SEO does for tradies and contractors

If you want high-quality customers to find you, you need to be findable, it’s as simple as that. 

In a day and age where everyone’s using their phone or computer to search up a local tradie, search engine optimisation puts your business front and centre in search engines. 

Add on the content showcasing your work and expertise that you’ll create as part of SEO, and you’ll understand it’s not just a strategy for visibility, it targets conversions too

For tradies and contractors, that means SEO becomes a single solution to get in front of the right online audience and convert them into job leads.

A lot more than just words on a page
(but that’s important too!)

We offer world-class SEO packages, each designed to ensure you’re hitting all the creative and technical targets to rank well in search results, creating better visibility and more traffic.

Of course, we also get that businesses have different needs, goals and budgets, so each one is designed to cater to different enterprise levels. 

Additionally, these bundles are specifically designed for trade-businesses, like plumbers, builders, landscape gardeners, electricians, roofers and everything in between. 

This doesn’t just make our packages more cost-effective and custom to your industry, it also means you’ve got no excuse not to get started. Check out our package breakdown below.

SEO for tradies starting at $660/m

SEO Essential

For businesses of any calibre, this covers the minimum requirements to show up in search engines.

What's Included?

With SEO Essential, you’ll get:

  • All the services listed under our Business Care Plan
  • Basic On-page optimisation
  • Production of 1 blog and project gallery/month
  • Title Tags Optimisation
  • Robots.txt Installation
  • Google Analytics Installation
  • Sitemaps Installation
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Google Search Console configuration
  • Header Tags Optimisation (H1, H2 etc)
  • Install and configure an SEO plugin
  • Google Search Console Review

Who is this for?

Bob is a young plumber who’s just starting out on his own.

He’s had a website built and is looking for a starting point in SEO that’s going to suit his budget.

Once he’s got more to invest, he’s planning on moving his SEO services from essential to business.

SEO Business

Our Business package is for companies with more to invest, and some ideas of what they want to achieve with SEO.

What's Included?

With SEO Business, you’ll get: 

  • Everything in 'SEO Essential'
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Google My Business page optimisation
  • Monthly business citations (approx 10/month)
  • Image optimization
  • Additions of FAQs to your website
  • Internal Link Building
  • Set up of scheme-org (tech-talk for on-page optimisation)
  • On-page optimisation (All Pages)
  • 20 Keywords Optimization
  • 2 Guaranteed Blog Posts Optimized Article Creation
  • Monthly Report

Who is this for?

Andrew is a landscape gardener who has a small team of 3.

He wants to show up in local searches for anything related to landscaping, gardening, horticulture, etc.

His current goal is to be known as a local expert in his area.

SEO Scale

This is for those looking to go all out on SEO. This means going beyond the basics to do the most to get seen.

What's Included?

With SEO Scale, you’ll get:

  • Everything in 'SEO Business'
  • Off-Page Optimisation
  • Monthly business citations (approx 25/month)
  • Google Knowledge Graph
  • Creation of social proofs & testimonials
  • 30 Keywords Optimization
  • 5 Guaranteed Blog Posts Optimised Article Creation
  • Creation of location pages
  • Set up of scheme-org (tech-talk for on-page optimisation)
  • Fix duplicate content
  • Google Search Console
  • Monthly Report

Who is this for?

Mark is a local builder with a large team of 10.

He’s showing up in search results, but he wants to do more to improve the quality of his leads.

He’s ready to invest in more in-depth and exhaustive strategies to get his business name out there. 

Wondering how SEO has worked for other tradies?

"From the get go I had old clients that we had not worked with for years getting in touch with us after finding our site and contact details, and re-engaging us"

Gavin Drew
Gavin 1024x407 1 - SEO For Tradies​

Want to know more? Check out these FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO takes time because search engines are making it harder and harder to organically reach customers. 

Due to their determination to deliver the most relevant and best search result, they are constantly introducing new ways to measure the quality of content. 

Implementing your SEO solution will take time as we have to find the sweet spot where rules and requirements are met, content is A-grade and searcher’s questions are answered.

Yep. Yes. Definitely. 100%. Without a doubt. That’s why we have three programs that cater to everyone.

SEO offers you a way to increase the traffic to your website without paying for each and every click through Google or Facebook Ads. Ranking organically like that (i.e. without paying for it) will guarantee your business consistent visibility and better job leads.

You’re not alone if you’re on the fence when it comes to this, in fact most tradie business owners are. However, the longer you sit there, the more opportunities you lose out to your competitors who are picking up the ball and playing the game.

Whenever we get asked this question, we always tell our clients to think about their own experiences with the internet when they’ve been searching for an answer. 

The speed of technology today has made us impatient and selfish with our time, and it’s not just us. It’s the people searching in Google for a plumber, electrician or builder near them.

Speed is important because it delivers information quickly - the faster you can tell online visitors what you can do for them, the faster they’ll be able to realise you can help them. 

Plus, Google has said  if the load speed of your website is less than two seconds, it reduces the amount of crawlers it sends, meaning people are less likely to see your site.

Backlinks are when another website links back to your website, whether it’s through a blog, a button, a promotion, etc. They’re also a measure of authority for search engines.

For example, if there are multiple other websites that produce high-quality content linking back to yours, this signals that your content is likely to be more valuable than others. 

The more reliable websites you have linking back to your content, the more authoritative you appear to search engines, and the better your ranking in search results can be.

We always think socials are a good idea for trades-based businesses. They can be a brilliant online portfolio to showcase the work you do and position you as an expert in your area.

However, when it comes to SEO specifically, there is some debate. At Tradie Web Guys, we don’t include social media in our SEO program as it’s impact isn’t as big as other options.

Believe it or not, we get this question a lot, and we hate hearing it.

SEO isn’t dead, it just doesn’t get you the fast results that a massive budget and ads do. 

As long as the internet is alive and well, so is SEO. It offers just as much value as other digital marketing solutions, if not more. 

Sure, it can be timely, but considering it is way cheaper than the costly alternative of ads, we’re pretty happy to tell our clients to stick with it.

Not sure if this is what you're looking for?

Understanding what goes into SEO and how you get results can be confusing. So, we’re more than happy to answer any questions or walk through concerns you may have.

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