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Website Maintenance And Security For Tradies

Keep your trades-based business website up-to-date, completely protected and fully functional without lifting a finger.


We don’t just build brilliant websites for tradies and contractors, we're experts at managing them too.

Websites require a significant amount of maintenance and monitoring to ensure they can continue to make the biggest and best online impact for your business.

This includes conducting routine backups of information, installing the right systems to protect your data, making sure licensing and domain registration are up to date, and more.

Using the latest technology and trends for preservation and protection, our team can keep your most valuable digital asset fully functional and safe, 24/7.

How Tradie Web Guys handles your website maintenance and security.

With our help, you can ensure your website is secured, your data is backed up and protected, and your content is regularly monitored.

Not only that, but you’ll also be in the loop for all the goings-on with monthly reports on the overall health of your website. Here are some other features of our Managed Care Plan:

Managed Backups Icon - Website Maintenance and Security
Managed Backups

What is this? These are backups of your website that are automatically saved at a set time of day, and are able to be restored when required. 

Why do I need it? In the unlikely event that something should happen to your website, like data loss, these backups can be used to restore any information that may have been erased. 

DDoS Protection Icon - Website Maintenance and Security
DDoS Protection

What is this? This is how you protect a website from a denial of service attack – an attack that is meant to shut down a machine or network and make it inaccessible. 

Why do I need it? With this protection, your website is safe from any external users or malicious attacks trying to shut it down. 

Cybersecurity Icon - Website Maintenance and Security
Cybersecurity + Firewall

What is this? While DDos Protection safeguards you from attacks that shut down your website, the cybersecurity and firewall feature is how you secure a website from hackers. 

Why do I need it? With this in place, your website data is secure and safe from external parties trying to access and change your information.

SSL Certificate Icon - Website Maintenance and Security
An SSL certificate

What is this? An SSL certificate provides end to end encryption between a website and any of its visitors.

Why do I need it? This is a requirement for hosting a website on the internet as it protects the information of any visitors to your site. It also assists with PC compliance.

Uptime Icon - Website Maintenance and Security
99.9% uptime

What is this? Uptime is the amount of time your website is available and operational. It is the most important metric for a website and is usually expressed as a percentage. 

Why do I need it? The higher your uptime rate, the better your chances are of avoiding the negative impacts of downtime, like lost website visitors or a lack of online visibility.

Uptime Monitoring Icon - Website Maintenance and Security
Uptime monitoring

What is this? This is a process that involves continuous monitoring to check for any issues that could be impacting the uptime or functionality of your website. 

Why do I need it? Having a dedicated team to monitor the uptime of your website means you can ensure optimal accessibility of the site, without sacrificing any of your own time.

Unlimited Bandwidth Icon 2 - Website Maintenance and Security
Unlimited bandwidth

What is this? Bandwidth is a limit that is placed on how many visitors can access a certain webpage or website at any point in time – for businesses this can be very frustrating. 

Why do I need it? With unlimited bandwidth there is no restriction on the number of people who can visit your site. As with uptime, this improves your chances of being found online. 

Technical support Icon - Website Maintenance and Security
Technical support

What is this? The team at Tradie Web Guys are available by phone and email to assist with any queries or concerns regarding any of the technological elements of our services. 

Why do I need it? We can help you with any questions or concerns you may have about your products. It applies to any technology we set up for you, including websites, Google Workplace, CRM systems and more. 

Monthly reports Icon 1 - Website Maintenance and Security
Monthly reports

What is this? These are distributed monthly to our clients. They break down a website’s operations over the previous 30 days. They summarise major issues, updates and more.

Why do I need it? Having this information at your disposal enables you to review how we are caring for your website and how it’s health has tracked over the month prior. 

Website Managed Care Plan Image 1 1024x1024 - Website Maintenance and Security
The secret to keeping your website safe and successful?

You need a Managed Care Plan.

Building out a website is the fun part. We create awesome visuals for your business, write about your quality workmanship and more.

Once the work is finished, however, you need to ensure you can maintain the overall health of your website and the security of its data.

The evolving nature of technology means this can require a pair of extra hands, as it’s more than installing an update every few months.

This is where website maintenance packages and website protection services in the form of a Managed Care Plan, can help you.

How do you know you've found the right Managed Care Plan?

The best Managed Care Plan is one that protects your data.

Top-tier website management isn’t just about keeping your website live and functional, 24/7.

It is also about keeping your personal information secure and stopping cyber attacks in their tracks.

Ideally, you should look for a Managed Care Plan that features: 

Website backups

Technical support

Regular monitoring

Cyber security and firewalls

DDoS protection

Uptime guarantees

Monthly reporting

Website management might seem like it’s just about ensuring a website is live and keeping content up to date.

However, it is also about putting up firewalls to protect personal data, backing up information, regular monitoring and more.

The best Managed Care Plan for your business website should cover ALL bases. 

Website Managed Care Plan Image 2 1024x1024 - Website Maintenance and Security
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Complete Website Mainteance and Protection Services

Care Plan Packages

Reckon it’s time to invest in some help with the management of your website?

Our team will handle it all, meaning you can proudly boast a fully functional and accessible website, all without lifting a finger.

Check out our packages below to find the best solution for you.

Business Starter​

$132 inc GST / Month

  • 1 hour of support time
  • Website security
  • Website backups
  • Theme and Plugin updates
  • Dedicated Cloud Hosting
  • WordPress updates
  • Support & Ticketing System
  • Monthly Report
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Broken link checker
  • Website performance Optimization
  • Priority Support
  • CDN setup & integration
  • Ecommerce updates and support
  • Robust security tools
  • Dedicated security team

Business Plus​

$550 inc GST / Month

  • 5 hours of support time
  • Website security
  • Website backups
  • Theme and Plugin updates
  • Dedicated Cloud Hosting
  • WordPress updates
  • Support & Ticketing System
  • Monthly Report
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Broken link checker
  • Website performance Optimization
  • Priority Support
  • CDN setup & integration
  • Ecommerce updates and support
  • Robust security tools
  • Dedicated security team
Want to know more? Check out these FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of critical tasks that need to be regularly conducted, and systems that need to be monitored to ensure that your website stays live and functional online. 

Without a website management, your site could easily go down, or go unseen by the digital market, costing you time and money.

You certainly could, there’s no stopping you. However, website management requires a lot of time as well as knowledge and expertise in IT and software systems.

Our team are trained experts who are up to date on the latest trends in security and support who can handle the full-time workload of website management for you. 

We cover everything from information backups and monitoring to cyber attack protection and firewall security. 

Scroll up to see our Care Plan Packages and what specific features they offer.

The Managed Care Plan from Tradie Web Guys is an ongoing contract, however it is not a lock-in contract. 

This means that if you decide you don’t want to use our plan anymore, you just have to give us notice that you want to cancel. 

If you don’t want to use our services anymore, you will need to speak to our team so we can begin the cancellation process. 

You can do this by getting in touch.

Of course! Your website is always yours. 

However, our team will need login details and other data so we can access all areas of your website to manage it effectively, so you will need to share that information.

There are two features of our Managed Care Plan that set us apart – it’s comprehensiveness and our communication. 

The Managed Care Plan covers every aspect of website maintenance and protection from A to Z. We protect, we backup, we monitor, we secure and much more. 

We also communicate regularly and consistently. We send monthly updates about the health of websites to clients, and our technical support team is available 24/7.

Plus, we offer our customers a 99.9% uptime promise, which is hard to beat. 

Wondering how Website Maintenance And Security has worked for other tradies?

"From the get go I had old clients that we had not worked with for years getting in touch with us after finding our site and contact details, and re-engaging us."

Gavin Drew

Not sure if this is what you're looking for?

Website security and maintenance can be a tricky topic, so we’re more than ready to answer any further questions about functionality or concerns you may have.

To have a chat with our team, contact us today on 1300 417 297 or email us at

Alternatively, if our Managed Care Plan sounds like the website protection package, or website maintenance plan that you’ve been looking for, click the button below!

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