Marketing for tradies

Now that I have a nice
new website, I can
expect my phone to
ring, right?

For tradies, having the right marketing is often difference between your customers finding you, or not.

Smart marketing is the lifeline of many trade based business. One of the biggest misconception that we see daily, is companies thinking that by having a new website, their phone is going to ring off the hook.

At Tradie Web Guys, have an in depth understanding of trade based businesses, one of our strongest attributes is being able to determine which form, or combination of marketing is going to help your business get results.
Many tradies are familiar with certain ‘buzzwords’ that are associated with various types of marketing like SEO, orAdWords.
We’ll often take enquiries for companies requesting these services, however on deeper investigation it’s not what they need at all. It’s paramount that when you’re looking at developing your online presence, that you speak to a company that understands what it is that you’re trying to achieve. This is why at Tradie Web Guys, we prefer to label ourselves as strategists, not web designers, or SEO guru’s, because vary often your website may be fine, however what you’re lacking is a strategy to drive traffic.

Some of the common types of marketing that Tradie Web Guys specialise in for Tradies include..

Local marketing (Geo marketing)

Ideal for most tradies, as it associates them with a geographical location, which is important for keeping them close to base, thus cutting down valuable travel time.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Commonly referred to as AdWords, or Pay-Per-Click. When tradies are in a highly competitive market (like plumbing), then often paid marketing is a fast way to get online results.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a process that enables your website to appear in a search engine’s organic, or up-paid search results. SEO should be exercised on every webpage.

Email Marketing

Is ideal for any company that is in the business of lead generation and lead nurturing. It enables you to stay in regular contact with potential clients. Email Marketing helps you retain customers!

Having a professionally built, ‘tradie specific website’ is certainly the first step in improving your online presence, however if you’re planning on driving traffic to your website, then you want to make sure that once your visitor get’s there, they like what they see. If they don’t, they’re merely a click away from one of your competitors.
Get your website right, then drive traffic to it. The saying“you can’t steer a parked car”, certainly rings true in this instance. Sure it might look nice and shiny, but it needs an engine under the hood. Marketing is that engine.

As traditional methods of marketing become less and less relevant, we at Tradie Web Guys find ourselves deep in the education department, showing companies how they can leverage these modern methods of marketing to achieve modern results.
If you’re still spending thousands on marketing in the local paper, we know that statistically, you’re not getting the return that you used to, so perhaps it’s time to try something different.

Build an asset into your organisation using automation today!

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