Bye bye unreliable email, bye bye filing cabinet.

Google Workspace

The most valuable business tool you'll ever own

Do your emails sync between your office and your mobile devices?

Do you have important business documents saved on a single computer?

Do your staff constantly nag you for access to the same docs and files?

Can you run your business from your phone, from anywhere?

Do you have total control over your intellectual property?

Do you ever stress about what might happen if you lost your computer or phone?

When it comes to business organisation, there are very few programs that will move the needle like Google Workspace. 

Google Workspace offers a suite of online productivity and collaboration applications for businesses, which include:

  • Gmail for business – meaning you can use your domain.
  • Google Drive – cloud storage, which makes your filing cabinet redundant
  • Google Docs and Sheets – Google’s collaborative answer to Microsoft’s Word and Excel. 
  • Google Meet – replacing zoom and skype
  • Google Chat – Replacing Slack, SMS and WhatsApp
  • And more

At Tradie Web Guys, we’ve been resellers of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite, formerly Google Apps) since we bagan back on 2012. 

Not only have we seen two name changes, we’ve also seen this product form the backbone of thousands of trade businesses, right across the world. 

As resellers, we can not only support you, we can also help migrate your emails into your new account. give you access to training and resources and help you create business frameworks that create structure in your organisation. 

We know you’ll love Google Workspace. Give it a go today. 

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