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Organise your data, minimise security risks and optimise file-sharing with this powerful Google tool.

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Run your entire business from your phone...

These days, digital solutions should mean that you can run every part of your business from, well anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

Unfortunately, the sheer number of software available means what should be easy, often ends up being a confusing and overwhelming dash back and forth between programs.

Enter Google, as always, to solve the problem.

Over the years, they have been steadily building a brilliant platform and program to help business owners and operators keep everything under the same roof: Google Workspace.

How Google Workspace helps tradies and contractors.

By offering a suite of online applications for businesses to use, all under the one umbrella, Google Workspace makes key business information and communication more accessible.

It doesn’t just make your content and key tools available to everyone, however, administrators of the Google Workspace account can easily control who can access what.

Not only does this mean your data is more secure when it matters most, it also means that key information can be distributed by a trusted, well-known provider.

Some of the application that fall under the Google Workspace umbrella, and make managing operations easier than ever, include:

Gmail for business

Where you can use your domain!

Google Drive

Hello cloud storage, goodbye filing cabinets.

Google Docs + Sheets

A collaborative answer to clucky Word and Excel

Google Meet

No more skype and zoom subscription rates

Google Chat

Safe, secure messaging anytime, anywhere


How Tradie Web Guys handles Google Workspace.

At Tradie Web Guys, we’ve been resellers of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite, formerly Google Apps) since we began back in 2012.

Not only have we seen two name changes, we’ve also seen this product form the backbone of thousands of trade businesses, right across the world.

As resellers, we can support you, help migrate your emails into a new account, supply training, and help you create a framework for better structure in your organisation.

Not sure if this is what you're looking for?

You might be wondering if Google Workspace has all the tools and structure you need to manage your business, and our team would be happy to answer any questions or concerns!

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