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Do you know you're eight times more likely to retain a customer than to gain a new one? That means that your potentially wasting a lot of money, time and resource on trying to acquire new leads when in reality you should be spending more of your time looking after the leads you've already earned.

The tradie 'churn and burn' mentality

For whatever reason, we get stuck in this mentality of “we need more leads, we need more leads”. Unfortunately, this means, as a result, we tend to neglect the customers that we already have.
You’ve likely heard the saying, “the hardest part of any sale is getting your foot in the door”. Essentially meaning, the first sale is the hardest, the next sales should be considerably easier (provided you’ve done a good job).
Stop thinking about new leads and start thinking about your past and present customers.

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Email is not a dirty word.

We’ve all been part of these cheesy email automations and sequences that send us spammy emails about things we have no interest.
However, if you’re part of an email campaign that is done right, you’ll be receiving relevant, useful information that you look forward to receiving every time.
It’s not that email is bad; it’s that there are too many individuals and businesses that do it poorly.
Email is still the most effective and affordable way to reach your customers, however, it takes strategy and it takes consistency.

Put yourself in this picture.

  • John has been running his plumbing business in Sydney for 30 years and has 15,000 (available) contact records that he's was able to collate.
  • He was spending $10,000/month on Google Ads and just covering costs.
  • He wasn't growing and overall, his profit margin was sliding backwards.
  • What we did.
  • We collated and segmented his contact records.
  • We created a lead magnet and a call-to-action.
  • We formulated a reengagement strategy.
  • We deployed the strategy.
  • What happened?
  • In the first week, John booked twelve additional projects.
  • In month one, John's sales had a 150% increase.
  • In six months, he tripled his monthly turnover.
  • Twelve months later, he'd quadrupled the business' turnover and reduced his Google AdSpend to $6,000/m.
  • He had to employ two new plumbers, one new office assistant and took on a first-year and a third-year apprentice.

Where’s John now?

He decided to stick around because it gave him a new, exciting, and profitable focus on his business. That said, one of his leading staff members is keen on taking over, so he now has a succession plan in place.

  • He and the business is making more money than ever.
  • His customer retention rate is improving monthly.
  • His general customer satisfaction feedback is outstanding.
  • His staff are happy and love coming to work. There's a fun culture.
  • John's in control.

There’s no reason why you can’t put yourself in that picture. Fill out the form and let’s book a time to have a chat.

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