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Reconnect with your old customers, build meaningful relationships with new ones, and generate new job leads all via an inbox.


Email enables you to make the most of your database.

Too many tradies are being held back by their own ‘churn and burn’ mentality, when the truth is that a constant cycle of ‘we need more leads’, isn’t going to do much except run you dry.

What businesses should focus on is how they can make the most of every lead and customer that flows through their database – and email is the way to do it.

Through strategy and consistency, email campaigns can connect businesses with past and present customers and generate job leads through information-sharing and value-offering.

The key, however, is getting the structure and system set up to enable this kind of long-term, sustainable communication – which is where we come in.

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How email marketing helps tradies and contractors.

When done right, email marketing enables tradies and contractors to more efficiently and effectively connect with job leads and build relationships that turn into sales. 

By consistently distributing content that engages readers, offers valuable information and  shares deals, businesses can establish themselves as leading providers to potential clients. 

Not only this, but email marketing can also be a more affordable alternative to other popular marketing tactics and generate a better return on investment for businesses. 

This means that, in addition to enabling businesses to make the most of their databases, email marketing can improve visibility and conversion rates, without breaking the bank.

You're 80% more likely to retain a client, than gain a new one.
We've never once created a client email campaign that has not resulted in repeat work.

How Tradie Web Guys handles your email marketing.

When it comes to email, we’re experts in systems, strategy and content creation

Our team won’t just build custom campaigns to re-engage new and old clients, we’ll also set you up with a complete email marketing system, if you don’t already have one.

Here’s a basic timeline for how we’ll work with you to help you connect more with your database, and make the most of your contact records.

1. First, we’ll get your database organised.

Our team of experts will take a closer look at your records and begin to collate and segment them. We’ll get rid of incomplete, out of date data and build lists of genuine contacts.

2. Next, we’ll build assets to engage new contacts.

At this stage, we’ll build a lead magnet (free resource) and call-to-action to place on your website so you can keep attracting new leads to cycle through your email marketing system.

3. Then, we’ll create your re-engagement strategy.

For this part, we’ll create content and build out a strategy that ensures you continue to remarket to, and communicate with, your database consistently and at appropriate times.

4. Finally, we’ll flick the switch.

With all the right assets in place, systems set up and strategy prepared, it’s time to hit ‘GO!’.

Wondering how Email Marketing has worked for other tradies?

"From the get go I had old clients that we had not worked with for years getting in touch with us after finding our site and contact details, and re-engaging us"

Gavin Drew

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Email can be a tough egg to crack if this is your first time tackling this type of marketing, so we’re happy to answer any questions or discuss any concerns you might have.

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