Tradie Web Guys specialise in creating websites for electricians.

This website build case study is from an electrical company based in Sydney’s West.

Why Sapphire Trade Services needed a new website for their electrical business.

As a relatively young business, Sapphire Trade Service had initially tried to save some costs by creating their own website.

To their credit, they had done a great job, however they realised that in order to really move ahead, they were going to require a website that offered them more flexibility and scalability.

Chris saw Matt present in Las Vegas at a business workshop and upon returning to Australia, they connected and engaged Tradie Web Guys to see if and how they may be able to assist.

We are offering professional website development, content creation, lead generation and SEO services for electricians

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Sapphire Trade Services Electrical and Plumbing website brief.

Sapphire Trade Services is an electrical and plumbing company located in Sydney’s Western Suburbs. Owned and run by Chris and his wife Emma, they wanted a product that put them back in control of their content and marketing. Also, because Sapphire Services carry out some really interesting and unique projects, they wanted a place that enabled them to showcase their work in a professional spotlight.

Project Specifications

  • The clients had built their previous website using WIX, which was a great solution to get them started, however it lacked a lot of functionality required in a modern website. For that reason, we built their new site WordPress, using some plugins and themes they would need.
  • They wanted a website that they could easily update with project galleries and content.
  • The wanted to join our care plan, so we could manage and keep it running optimally.

Project Obstacles

Websites for electricians are typically quite straight forward, as for the better part they don’t need lots of technical requirements.

The main challenge we faced with this site was making sure the colour scheme worked as they have quite bright colours.  We didn’t want to make the site too much like a glowing neon sign, so we had to make sure that it had a good mix of white and the brand colours.

Project Duration

From start to finish, the Sapphire Services website rebuild only took Tradie Web Guys just under three weeks.

Chris and Emma were fantastic in getting us the information we required and they were very helpful with any queries the development team might have had.

After Snapshot

The finished product for Sapphire Services website was a great success.

Within days, Emma was following our course on how to create SEO friendly content which led to them adding new pages and amending the content on their new site.

We were very impressed with how quickly they took to firstly learning and secondly implementing what they’ve learned.

They’re loving the look and feel of their new site and their loving being able to get in and make changes at their own discretion (which they could not do previously).


Chris Reece


Sapphire Trade Services is an electrical and plumbing service provider based in Sydney, Australia. Our old website was hard to use and it didn’t allow us to make changes as we saw fit. We wanted a website that we could add content to and update.

Tradie Web Guys built a great website for us in record time, with no fuss.

I’d recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade their website.