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Google Ads For Tradies

With the right budget and strategy, your tradie business website could be living in Google’s prime real estate.


When the price is right, it’s all eyes on you.

Ahh Google Ads, a tool we hate to love. Even though it’s costly, this really is one of the best ways to come out on top when it comes to search results.

With some strategic bidding on the right search terms, and a flexible budget, Google Ads can put your business website at the top of searches your potential customers are making.

The biggest takeaway we want tradies and contractors to have when it comes to Google Ads though is that the budget you need is always going to be bigger than you think.

That’s why, when we work with clients interested in Google Ads, we run through a lifetime value assessment with them first, to make sure that this solution really is the best option.


The tradies and contractors we think should use Google Ads.

Let’s get one thing straight, we’re always happy to help any business with the development of their Google Ads account — it’s rare that we’ll turn someone away. 

However, over time we’ve learnt that there are certain kinds of plumbers, electricians, builders and other professionals that benefit the most from Google Ads. 

They are experienced business owners and operators who:

  • Can afford to expand their Google Ads budget by a few $1000 
  • Appreciate that seeing results from a new strategy takes time
  • Know what their potential customers are searching for
  • Have realised their niche position in their local market
  • Understand digital marketing on an intermediate level

How Tradie Web Guys handles your Google Ads.

Our team uses competitor and customer research as well as a crew of superstar copywriters to get the most out of a trade-contracting business’ Google Ads account.

We use insights to determine the keywords that a business’ ideal customers are using in searches and then, with the help of a nominated ad budget, bid to win a position for them.

If we are able to win the bid for a top position in a particular search, the ads we create then appear in the first four results on the first page – maximising the opportunity for visibility.

Bidding and winning positions is one thing, but seeing results is another. We’ll also monitor the success of different ads to ensure money isn’t better spent elsewhere.

Once we find the sweet spot though, tradies get amazing business visibility in relevant search results, high-quality traffic to their websites and better leads in their databases.

Wondering how Google Ads have worked for other tradies?

"From the get go I had old clients that we had not worked with for years getting in touch with us after finding our site and contact details, and re-engaging us"

Not sure if this is what you're looking for?

Google Ads is an incredibly high-level marketing solution. We’re more than happy to answer any questions or walk through concerns you may have before jumping right in

To have a chat with our team, contact us today on 1300 417 297 or email us at [email protected]

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For competitive markets, a digital marketing strategy can make all the difference.
That is why we work with all Trades!

Ready to rocket your website to the top of search results?


Want to know more? Check out these FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that allows businesses to place ads on Google search engine’s results page (SERP) and other websites in Google’s network. We offer a specialised Google Ads service that helps tradies leverage Google Ads to promote their business online. 

The cost of a Google Ads campaign will depend on a number of factors, such as your budget, your target keywords, your location, and your competition. Our team can help you optimise your campaign to get the best possible return on investment (ROI) for your ad spend. 

Google Ads provides a wealth of data and metrics to help you track the progress of your campaign. You can see how many clicks your ads have received, how many impressions they have generated and how much you have spent on your campaign. You can also track the performance of individual keywords and ads to see which ones are generating the most clicks and conversions. Our Marketing team at Tradie Web Guys can help you interpret this data and make informed decisions about how to optimise your campaign for better results. 

While it is possible to run a Google Ads campaign for your business on your own, it can be really challenging to navigate the platform and optimise your campaign for maximum ROI. By working with Tradie Web Guys, you can benefit from our expertise in Google Ads and our experience working with tradies in your industry. Our team can help you create a targeted campaign that reaches the right audience, generates leads, and drives more business to your website. 

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