Meet Gavin.

He’s a landscaper who owns his own company in NSW called Sydney Garden Landscaping & Maintenance.

Gavin was ready for growth, but needed to nail his digital marketing in order to gain the visibility and job leads he needed.

Here’s what he achieved, and how he did it, with our support.

Gavin was a landscaper chasing growth.

When Gavin approached Tradie Web Guys Director, Matt Jones, he explained that he was ready to grow but had no place to start

His business had almost no digital presence, making it invisible to the masses of potential customers online.

We combined targets and essentials to build a strategy.

Gavin told us he wanted to generate better leads for his business and build a brand experience that would leave a lasting impression.

We told Gavin that if he wanted to gain anything from the digital market, he was going to need a website, SEO and a marketing plan.

Once we knew what this talented landscaper wanted, and he knew what his business needed to achieve it, we got to work.

Building the basics for better digital results.

Our strategy was to combine Gavin’s goals of growth with the essentials for successful digital marketing. So, our team: 

  • Built a brand new website from scratch
  • Implemented multiple conversion tools to gain more leads
  • Rolled out an SEO strategy to get seen by the right audience
  • Created Project Galleries to showcase workmanship

We also set Gavin up with a dashboard to track the success of his SEO and website package.

Plus, we made sure to regularly check in with Gavin to see how he was tracking and go over any feedback.

Check out the images below to get a closer look at the website we built for Gavin and his business.