Meet Gavin.

He’s a landscaper who owns his own company in NSW called Sydney Garden Landscaping & Maintenance.

Gavin was ready for growth, but needed to nail his digital marketing in order to gain the visibility and job leads he needed.

Here’s what he achieved, and how he did it, with our support.

Gavin was a landscaper chasing growth.

When Gavin approached Tradie Web Guys Director, Matt Jones, he explained that he was ready to grow but had no place to start

His business had almost no digital presence, making it invisible to the masses of potential customers online.

We combined targets and essentials to build a strategy.

Gavin told us he wanted to generate better leads for his business and build a brand experience that would leave a lasting impression.

We told Gavin that if he wanted to gain anything from the digital market, he was going to need a website, SEO and a marketing plan.

Once we knew what this talented landscaper wanted, and he knew what his business needed to achieve it, we got to work.

Building the basics for better digital results.

Our strategy was to combine Gavin’s goals of growth with the essentials for successful digital marketing. So, our team: 

  • Built a brand new website from scratch
  • Implemented multiple conversion tools to gain more leads
  • Rolled out an SEO strategy to get seen by the right audience
  • Created Project Galleries to showcase workmanship

We also set Gavin up with a dashboard to track the success of his SEO and website package.

Plus, we made sure to regularly check in with Gavin to see how he was tracking and go over any feedback.

Check out the images below to get a closer look at the website we built for Gavin and his business. 

With the right foundations, the results began to roll in.

Gavin was shocked. The results were instantaneous and good.

“From the get go I had old clients that we had not worked with for years getting in touch with us after finding our site and contact details, and re-engaging us,” he said.

“The visual quality and content quality of the website saw some large scale commercial/strata leads coming through, giving us opportunities to quote on projects that, through our previous marketing efforts, would just not have happened.”

There weren't just more clients, they were bigger and better than ever!

In addition to increasing the flow of leads coming through Gavin’s website, his new approach to digital marketing meant that he was securing clients he had only ever dreamed of!

“Within 3 months we were quoting on a 350 unit strata & commercial precinct to the sweet tune of $220K. Sadly we did not get the job but we’re now got other projects in the pipeline with the developer!” he said.

“Another lead was received via the website. A prestigious residential complex on the shores of Sydney Harbour. We ended up bidding against a big leagues competitor for the landscape maintenance contract. These guys play the big end of town and are a massive company across the eastern seaboard.”
We forwarded our proposal and won the gig! The contract is worth $60k p.a. and we’ve signed a contract for 3 years with yearly increases.”

It wasn't just commercial clients getting in touch with either.

New commercial clients are exciting, but residential services are always going to be the bread and butter of any contracting business.

So, Gavin was pleased to see an increase in the number of residential maintenance and landscaping callouts too!

“We’ve booked multiple residential maintenance clients since the website and SEO went up, each to the tune of thousands of dollars, whose work has quickly turned into ongoing contracts for us,” he said.

One job in particular turned into work spanning a 5 month period! Even better, this project went so great that we’ve turned the work into a package that can be sold to real estate agents, which will no doubt work well for the business in the future.”

"All of these leads have come through organically with the strength of the Tradie Web Guys SEO program."

"I am currently working on restructuring my business model so I can focus my attention to marketing and utilising these tools to have an even bigger impact."

Gavin Drew, Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping

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