We're tired of seeing good trade businesses struggle because of bad marketing.

Too many tradies and contractors are losing business because their marketing strategies are non-existent or half-baked.

The problem? Time, man power and money. Not every business has all three ready and available for marketing.

And even if they do, they’re spending it on digital agencies or contractors who can’t communicate effectively, don’t understand their audiences or just produce crap content. Enough is enough.

So, what are we going to do about it?

We're going to do the work for you. Sort of.

Meet the Elevation Program.

A 6-month project where we build, manage and monitor marketing assets for your business, while teaching you how to do it yourself every step of the way.

Basically, we do the grunt work, while you reap the rewards and gain the know-how to do it without us!

The Elevation Program bridges the gap between tradies and the professionals they contract to handle marketing.

Over six months, our team of digital specialists will create, deploy, manage and monitor all the marketing assets your business will ever need. 

We’re talking a Google friendly website, optimised web content, an email marketing system, social media pages and more


And what about where you sit in this whole process? Well that’s the best part.

Throughout the entire project our account managers will be in constant communication with you. 

They’ll talk you through what we’re doing, how it’s being done and why we’re doing it. 

The Elevation Program is set up so that you have access to all the same tools, data and knowledge that we do. 

We do it this way so that if you decide you want to run this show on your own, you can. 

Who is the Elevation program for?

Ultimately, it's for the businesses that want all the toys, but don't haven't the time or the budget.

But really, the program is for everyone! Check out some of the common places our clients have found themselves in before they came to us to get on the right track. And don’t be surprised if you see a bit of yourself in there too!

The Elevation Program works best for businesses who...

Want to grow larger and know they need help getting there.

Currently rely largely on word of mouth.

Have a budget allocated to achieving growth.

Want a better web presence.

Understand the value of creating marketing assets.

Understand the importance of having the right tools for growth.

Want to re-engage their past customers.

Understand the importance of Search Engine Optimisation.

Have a team and are looking to grow.

Want to optimise sales and improve conversions.

What can the Elevation Program offer you?

Let’s lay all the cards out on the table.


A well-built business website with landing page and project gallery templates, copywriting and SEO. Value - $9,000

An email marketing CRM, customised for your business and integrated with your new website. Value - $6,000

A website bot, to capture website visitors and nurture them closer to becoming a paid customer. Value - $4,500

Conversion optimisation tools and processes to improve the conversions of the traffic your website receives.


As part of the program, you'll get a comprehensive elevation session where we'll lay out a roadmap for your marketing campaign over the next 6 months and how we can define success.

In the session, we'll cover everything from customer offers, lead magnets and marketing strategy to draw in new business, all the way through to email campaigns and bot automation to optimise your customer's experience and leave a lasting impression.


Custom lead magnets and offers, designed to suit your services and, more importantly, your customers.

Copywriting services to bulk out your marketing content, like website copy, email newsletters, ad copy and blogs.

Complete content creation to help you tell your business' story in the best way possible.


Advanced SEO with 100% success rate. Value - $2450/mth

Google Ads management. Value - $900/mth

Conversion optimisation. Value - $2,200/mth

Email marketing and newsletter creation. Value - $750/mth

Chat bot funnel optimisation. Value - $1,500/mth

CRM funnel management. Value - $1,500/mth

Tech Support

In addition to receiving the creation and complete set-up of all these items, you'll also get around the clock support with managing and monitoring them.

Support includes a managed website care plan, regular reporting, support and consistent communication with your account manager as well as a monthly strategy review and optimisation.

Read enough? Want to take the next step?

Why are we doing this?

Put simply…a complete program is a better approach to marketing than only purchasing single services.​

Allow us to explain.

Our solutions, particularly our SEO program, are world-class. They each generate some insane results for our customers.

But, results in just one area of digital marketing don’t always mean the phone is going to ring.

So, while we achieve these amazing results for our customers, there are still gaps in their overall marketing strategy. 

Tradie Web Guys’ Elevation Program is built to fill those gaps. 

The length and depth of the program enables us to build a more comprehensive marketing launchpad for our clients. 

It’s a holistic approach, that takes our customers’ entire business ecosystem into consideration.

It’s sounding good…but what about the $$$?

The purpose of this program is to make sure that businesses have a solid marketing launchpad to work from. 

There is obviously a lot that’s included in your program and clearly a ton of work. Here’s an overview of the more significant inclusions.

A new website

Landing page templates


Conversion Optimisation

Website bots

Google Ads Management

Sales funnels

Email Automations

Local SEO

Email Campaigns

It should be expensive…

And it would be if you went elsewhere for something like this. Not that we’ve ever seen anything like this anywhere else!

But we want to make this within reach of the people that need it. 

The Elevation Program is priced at $2,970 per month for six months. 

That means you get everything we’ve mentioned and more, for a little over the starting cost of our most popular, single service product, the SEO program.

With all these extras for not much more. It’s a no-brainer.

And you don’t just get tangible assets…

Here are our other guarantees:

Guarantee One

An amazing website with all the bells and whistles. That means all the add-ons, like landing page, blog and project gallery templates as well as loads of other things you'd normally pay thousands for.

Guarantee Two

A fully functioning Customer Relationship Management system that will give you the ability to nurture and engage contacts in your database, while also moving them through intricate sales pipelines.

Guarantee Three

Our conversion optimisation program will improve your website conversions through regular testing. Essentially, it's about turning more of your website traffic into paying customers.

Guarantee Four

Our SEO program has improved every single one of our clients Google position to date. It's so good that we just know that your position on Google will improve throughout this program.

Guarantee Five

Your contact engagement will improve with this program. We're talking, re-engaging with past customers and providing a memorable experience for leads that aren't even your clients yet!

Guarantee Six

Our tech support is one of the best around. With The Elevation Program, our support team are there around the clock to make sure any unexpected issues are resolved right away.

What happens after the 6 months?

Don’t worry, we won’t just leave you hanging. 

Obviously, we are happy to keep running your marketing initiatives. If things are working, why stop?

At this stage, we’ll discuss what you want to do moving forward, and provide you with a cost for us to continue handling your marketing for you. 

If you decide to move on, that’s fine too. After 6 months, you’re good to go and take your assets with you!

Why should you trust us?

We know the trade industry and their audience.

Tradie Web Guys Director, Matt Jones, was a plumber before he decided to down tools and pick up a laptop to help his mates. 

Since then, we’ve worked exclusively with tradies and contracting businesses, like the ones below, to get their websites & marketing on track.

Don't forget that with The Elevation Program,

you can achieve all this and more!

A Tailored Marketing Strategy

The difference between a goal and a wish is a strategy.

It doesn’t matter what you have pinned on your dream board, if you don’t have a clear path mapped out on how to get there.

The first part of this program is the strategy. It will pave the way for the entire program to follow.

A World Class Trade Website

If we’re driving new traffic to your website, it needs to convert. 

With The Elevation Program, if your website needs rebuilding, we’ll rebuild it as part of the program.

Stand alone, our websites start at $5,200 so you’re saving an absolute BOMB!

Website Management

Website management and maintenance is paramount.

Our comprehensive website care plan covers all the things we know you don't have time to do, like:

Backups, plugin updates, WordPress updates, server management, uptime monitoring as well as support and high quality, fast hosting.

Search Engine Optimisation

You get a big business strategy, at the small business price.

If you struggle to get your website showing up on search engines, you’re at a huge disadvantage.

Our SEO plan comes with more bells and whistles than a cuckoo clock and it has never once failed to return improved search engine results.

Conversion Optimisation

Bite-sized improvements to turn website visitors into leads. 

We perform small tests on a regular basis throughout your website to learn what your visitors actually respond to.

Then based on data, incremental changes are made, turning your website into an irresistible money-making machine.

Google Ads Management

Google Ads will get your business the visibility it needs.

As part of your program, we’ll manage your Google Ads campaigns for you.

We'll help with ad copy, imagery and bidding to help get you on Page 1.

Customer Relationship Management

You need to build a loyal database of past and existing clients.

The fact is, you are 80% more likely to retain a client, than gain a new one so it's important you know how to stay engaged. 

So, we'll build you a system that ensure you stay in constant communication with past and present customers.

Content Creation And Nurturing Campaigns

Showing off your success can win you more customers.

We’ll create amazing content, like project galleries, that showcase your services and quality workmanship.

Then, we'll send it out to your database to spark interest and help you start some new conversations.


Creative copywriting is as much a skill as your trade. 

We could ask you to create copy for your marketing collateral, but that would be like you asking us to build your home. 

Instead, our team of copywriters will take control and turn this aspect of digital marketing into your most valuable tool.

Irresistible Lead Magnets

We'll create offers that attract your dream clients.

Our team will build irresistible digital downloads, assets and more that speak directly to your ideal customer!

Together, we'll turn anonymous website visitors and online researchers into interested (and paying!) parties.

Website bots

Expecting your prospect to complete a web form on your site or call you from your contact page are a sure way to lose them for good.

Website bots enable quick access relevant information in a manner that doesn’t require visitors to speak to anyone or fill in any forms.

A professionally tailored website bot is an incredible asset to your business and you’re going to get one with this program.

Elevation Program

Frequently Asked Questions

That depends. If you have no website prior to joining the program then we will build you a new website. If you have an existing website when you sign up, then we will assess it and rebuild as we see fit. 

Part of the Elevation Program’s fees include the maintenance of your website. We’ll monitor it around the clock, ensuring it remains as effective as possible.

Additionally, we’ll also send you regular reports with updates on the status of your site and summaries of any work we’ve completed.

Once your six months in the Elevation Program is up, you will have the option to pay an ongoing fee for us to continue monitoring and maintaining your website. Otherwise, that responsibility will fall back into your own hands.

Once the program ends, you have to make the simple decision of whether you want us to continue managing your assets or not.

As an example, your business website’s maintenance and monitoring is included in the program. However, if you want us to continue managing it after the program ends, you’ll need to move onto our $132/month Website Care Plan, which will take care of license renewals, support, website and plugin updates, backups, hosting and more.

Yes. We will offer insights as we go and answer any questions or concerns you may have as they arise. Our team is readily available to help you understand how your assets work and what kind of maintenance or monitoring they need

Not really. You will have the option to set up automations that will automatically send out emails once a customer meets certain criteria. However, these will need regular optimisation and monitoring. 

It’s important to remember that you will have consistent and knowledgeable support in setting up and using these assets. We are not going to leave you hanging.

Cost Per Mile is a reference to a marketing measurement that assigns a specific charge per one thousand views or impressions online. There is currently no CPM charge with the Elevation Program. 

When your account is established with our CRM system, we ensure that it has all the necessary DNS records added. This includes SPF, DKIM & DMARC, which are all there for the purpose of improving email deliverability.

Still not sure?

Check out what others have said about us!

Are you ready to elevate your business marketing?

Leave us your details and we'll get in touch to see if you qualify.

Interested in The Elevation Program?

Leave us your details and we’ll get in touch to see if you qualify!


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