Domain Management: What is it and Why Your Business Needs It?


Would you hand the keys to your business to a stranger and let them access your records and sensitive data?

In the same way, your domain name is one of your business’s most important assets and must be protected. And domain management helps you do just that. This ensures that your business website is easily accessible to customers, maintaining your brand identity and protecting against cyberattacks.

What is Domain Name Management?

Domain management is the process of overseeing the status of your domain names, helping you stay on top of when they need to be renewed and keeping your contact information up to date.

After selecting a domain name for your business, you must get it registered with a web hosting provider who will assign you an IP address. This will direct users to your website via name servers. The name servers are managed by your web hosting company, routing users to your unique URL and ensuring your business website is accessible.

Your web hosting provider manages the security of your domain names, along with registration, renewal, and SSL certificates for each domain. This encrypts your personal information and allows for secure online communications. Your business also gets a dedicated email address with each domain.

In summary, web domain management includes:

  • Domain name management and registration
  • Domain name renewals and transfers
  • Subdomain extension management
  • Maintaining DNS records for domain name IP addresses
  • Tracking analytics for search engine rankings
  • Checking for similar domain names
  • Domain email addresses

Domain management services are usually customised to each business’s individual needs according to their size and the number of domains they own.

How Does Domain Management Help Your Business?

Your domain name is the first point of contact between you and your customers. It identifies your business, provides credibility, and boosts online visibility. It’s vital to protect your business domain name with timely renewals and efficient domain name management to sustain your online presence.

While some businesses may opt to manage their domains with the help of DNS management software offered by web hosting providers, it can be challenging to keep track of the domain portfolio and its security.

Domain managers have the technical expertise and industry knowledge to manage your domains and keep them functioning, to ensure your website stays stable and secure.
Some of the benefits of domain management for businesses include:

Improved Security From Hackers

Professional web hosting companies manage your domain names and provide your DNS servers with an added layer of protection. They provide SSL certificates and domain privacy protection for WHOIS information to keep your personal data private. This enhanced security prevents your domain name from being hacked and your website going down.

The consequences of cyberattacks on your website can be disastrous to your business reputation, leading to the disclosure of sensitive data, loss of profits and trust, and increased downtime until the issue is rectified.

Centralised Management

Many businesses own more than one domain name to protect their brand identity. This prevents other companies and websites from using similar domain names to mislead customers into buying counterfeit products and giving away their contact information.

Using one domain registrar or web hosting company to manage all your domain names simplifies your domain management with centralised control of all your billing, transfers, and renewals. This lowers your costs and improves efficiency with easy access to all your domain names in one place. There’s no need to keep track of multiple logins, passwords, and personal business data.

Monitoring for Similar Domain Names

Web hosting companies monitor and search the domain registry database to prevent your domain name from being bought by other companies. This protects your brand identity and prevents other websites from using similar domain names, giving you complete control over your business domain identity.

Reduced Risk of DNS Downtime

Errors in DNS servers prevent users from reaching your website, leaving a negative impression on customers, and leading to profit loss as a result of missed leads and conversions. Issues with DNS servers, when they occur, can often take hours to resolve, meaning your website could stay down for a substantial amount of time.

Domain management experts know exactly how to manage domain name servers, troubleshooting errors and resolving them with speed and efficiency. This reduces your downtime and gets your domain server up and running faster.

Having a professional web hosting company manage your domain names also eliminates the risk of having them expire because of staff changes and forgotten bill payments. This ensures that your domain names are always up to date, with prompt renewals, correct information, and increased security from hackers and websites copying your business name domain.

Why Let TWG Manage Your Domain?

TWG specialises in domain name management, helping businesses protect their digital assets with 24/7 monitoring and fast and secure managed hosting. We can help you manage your Google domains, migrations, and registrations with a team of domain and website management experts, keeping your website fully functional and accessible with immediate response in case of DNS errors. Give us a call to discuss your business domain management needs today.

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