3 Secrets For Plumbers To Generate More Leads Online Via Google Ads

For plumbers worldwide, advertising online is becoming increasingly more necessary – and more competitive. For this reason, it’s important to understand how to harness the power of online advertising to maximise the ROI for your business and avoid wasting money.

This is where Google Ads comes in, acting as a powerful tool for reaching your desired target audience. However, for most plumbers, this technological tool can seem daunting. This is why our marketing strategists have compiled three secrets to help you increase your leads online using Google Ads. 

#1 Use Keywords To Target Emergency Customers 

When creating ads on Google Ads, creating customer profiles and doing thorough keyword research is crucial. You need to understand who you’re advertising to and what they’re searching for. Otherwise, you could waste money on ads that don’t resonate or generate results.

Create ads that use relevant, popular keywords (or commonly used search terms). You should also target prospects’ keywords based on their intent – are they ready to hire you immediately? Or are they just browsing? High-intent keywords, like “emergency plumber near me,” indicate that prospects are ready to hire your services now and will likely do so on impulse. They’re warm leads ready and waiting to be captured, and will convert very quickly.

By incorporating high-intent keywords into your ads and precise demographic targeting, your ad can be one of the first seen and clicked by desperate prospects. Be sure to include your emergency phone number in your adverts too, as well as the fact that you operate 24/7. Your lead generation is bound to get a boost! 

#2 Call-Only Campaigns 

These are useful as they’re straight to the point. No need to take them to your website where they’ll have to click around and search, they can convert into customers instantly. This type of ad allows the viewer to click and call immediately, removing any potential barriers or distractions that may lead them elsewhere.

This is also incredibly useful if your website is still not entirely up to scratch. It’s an effective way to generate leads while you fine-tune your website with the help of professional designers and developers.

#3 Focus On Relevancy 

The only way to grab a prospect’s attention through Google Ads is if your ads are relevant to their needs, desires, and problems. Create ad groups that focus on different demographics that seek your services and different segments of your services that are relevant to each specific need. These segments can include blocked drains, emergency plumbing, or strata plumbing, for instance.

Then, create campaigns with keywords that are directly related to those categories, as well as the intent each may hold. For example, using relevant keywords that create urgency for prospects searching for discounts or those that show your ability to help now for prospects searching for emergency help.

This ensures that your ads resonate with prospects based on who they are and what they need. It increases the number of leads and conversions you’ll get, as well as how trustworthy and reliable you seem as a plumber.

Google Ads is a tool that, if understood and harnessed correctly, can bring more leads and growth opportunities for plumbers like you. If you’d like guidance on creating effective Google Ads campaigns or need help managing them, contact the Google Ads experts at Tradie Web Guys.

With a background in plumbing, we’re perfectly placed to create ads that are relevant to you and your target audience. Contact us today to discuss your campaign needs!

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