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The Unbelievable Business Benefits Of Google Ads For Plumbers

Considering the 5+ billion Google searches per day or 63,000 per second, Google Ads is a highly profitable way for plumbers to market themselves.

Moving from offline to online advertising is a struggle for even the most progressive plumber. But, with a digital marketing agency on your side, it’ll be as easy as fixing a dripping tap!

With their digital expertise, you’ll enjoy endless benefits and the best possible results Google Ads has to offer.

But, before we dive in, let’s clear up some confusion about what Google Ads is.

Google Ads Explained

This marketing medium is Google’s online advertising platform for creating online adverts that reach the mammoth audience Google has to offer.

Here you’ll enjoy PPC (pay-per-click) ads, only paying once a prospect has clicked on your ad. They’ll be displayed at the top of search results pages, making them front of mind every time!

But, what makes it the best of the best? Let’s take a look at it’s most profitable perks for plumbers.

How Google Ads Will Help You

Solving Plumbing Problems – Offline And Online

Google Ads is the best place to offer your services. Why? Because billions of people go to Google for all their problems!

Wondering how to make Spanish omelettes?

Google it.

Need home remedies for a toothache?

Google it.

Amongst these billions of searchers, hundreds are looking for plumbers near them. And with Google Ads’ precise targeting, you can be the solution to their plumbing problems!

Precise Targeting Tactics

You can precisely target any prospect at any stage of their buyer journey! For example, broader keywords like “plumber Sydney” target prospects contemplating your trade.

The magic happens when they provide their information after they click your ad and arrive at a relevant landing page.

Then, you can seduce them to seek your services by sending informative, valuable content that positions you as an industry leader.

If things fizzle out, don’t fret! Google Ads offers retargeting tactics to keep drawing them in until they convert.

More Conversions, More Customers

With a logical landing page, Google will prioritise your ads over your competitors’. And if Google prioritises your ads, so will your prospects.

Essentially, you need a post-click landing page that offers users what your ads promote. For you, this could be emergency plumbing services, repairs, and more!

By giving searchers what they exactly want as quick as a click, you’ll create more conversions than you can handle!

If your ads take users to a random page, they’ll be shown less often (or not at all).

That’s where Tradie Web Guys come in.

We do digital marketing for tradies! Originating in the plumbing industry, we’re highly experienced with crafting profitable Google Ads for plumbers. And that’s just the tip of our iceberg!

Dominate your digital landscape and visit our website to see what we can do for you!

Learn the key elements of how to grow a successful Tradie Business and how to use Technology to stand out in the crowd!

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