Automation for tradies

What is automation?

Put simply, automation exists to free up time for you and your team, while eliminating human error.
As business owners, we wear a lot of hats. Wearing a lot of hats means a lot of things need to be prioritised. Prioritising things means that inevitably, somethings are going to get relegated to the back of the queue.
Did you know that you’re 8 times more likely to retain a customer, than gain a new one?
Imagine if you had a process in place that put you back in front of your customers regularly and without you having to physically do anything! This is business automation for tradies including plumbers etc.

It’s like having a team of robots working around the clock for you.


What can I automate?

There’s no real end to the amount of automation for tradies that you can apply to your business, nor the areas in which you can apply it. Once you start, you’ll find yourself on an ongoing mission to automate everything because it’s SO DAMN EASY!

To give you an idea, however, these are some of the everyday things that you can automate:

  • Your follow up process​
  • Your monthly newsletters
  • It's really important to stay in touch with your customers and 'potential' customers. The robots can do this for you too.
  • Welcome emails
  • Onboarding emails
  • How-To emails, etc.
  • One of the biggest bottlenecks in businesses right across the planet is the failure to follow up correctly. This entire process can be totally automated, so from the minute you send out a proposal, the robots take over 😉
  • Your monthly newsletters
  • Thank you emails
  • Feedback emails
  • Training emails
  • The list is endless.

Automation is for you if...

  • 1 Your monthly newsletters
  • 2 You want to build a valuable database
  • 3 You want to put another vehicle on the road
  • 4 You want to reengage your past customers
  • 5 You want to free up more of your time
  • 6 You want to streamline your operating processes
  • 7 You want to improve consistency
  • 8 You want to look more professional
  • 9 You want more referrals

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