4 Of The Worst Website Mistakes Tradies Can Make

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In today’s modern marketplace, a website is a crucial asset for all tradies. When developed and designed appropriately, it will draw in fresh leads, show off your projects and skills, develop your email list, create customers, allow them to learn more about and contact you. However, without the skills and knowledge of a seasoned website developer, many tradies tend to make costly mistakes.

Don’t be one of them! Our specialists have compiled the most common website mistakes tradies make for you to avoid.

#1 Unclear Contact Information

What’s the point of a website if none of your visitors can contact you? Once traffic arrives at your site, you want them to contact you for your services. So, they need to be able to contact you easily. You can do this by ensuring a call-to-action-button (CTA) is clearly visible on every page, such as “Contact Us!” You should also ensure that your phone number, email address, and contact forms are correct and clear.

#2 Mobile-Unfriendly

Simply put, 50.81% of website visitors are from mobile devices. If your website is not mobile-friendly, navigating it on a mobile phone or tablet will be difficult and frustrating. On top of that, your copy and content will not display correctly – all of which is a huge deterrent for customers, and thus business. Are you prepared to lose half of your prospective customers? I thought not. A mobile-friendly website will also improve your SEO ranking, helping your website be more visible and increasing the number and quality of your visitors.

#3 No SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a must. Your website needs to be optimised for search engines like Google to ensure that it shows up as one of the first results, increasing the likelihood of visitors, and thus leads and jobs. It involves incorporating commonly used search terms (keywords) into your website copy and content, as well as other technical aspects, that are relevant to your business. Then, when prospects use these keywords, your website will be visible to them. Because these people are already looking for what you offer, they are much more likely to buy-in to your services. You can also target prospects based on local searches, helping you mark your territory in your area.

#4 Doing It Yourself

Although you may be highly resourceful and technologically minded, the intricacies of coding, development, and design are incredibly complex disciplines. And a website needs to have all of the above, and much more, for you to maximise the value of your spend and avoid wasting money. With a professionally developed and designed website, tradies like you can generate a stream of business online and compete in a modern marketplace where rapid digitisation is exponential and inevitable.

When you’re ready to strengthen your online presence and crush your competition, come to Tradie Web Guys. With our tradie background, we can develop a website that is unique to your restrictions, opportunities, clientele, and terminology.

Get started now to enjoy more recognition, customers, and jobs!

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