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Build an asset with a WIKI

A business without systems is a job.

A system without structure is a liability.

A business with structured systems is an ASSET!


Systems exist to help us run a profitable, scalable business. If you look around you, all of the businesses that you and I would call ‘successful’ have in some form, systems and processes.

Systems enable us to create an organisational structure that not only trains your team, but also helps new team members get the best possible start to working in your business.


Building a business should be as much about making money as it should be about creating an asset. Why? If we have a business that has documented procedures on how it runs, it’s potentially very attractive to someone looking to buy it. When companies are acquired, there are normally two things that are being purchased.
  1. The marketable database (the customers)
  2. The systems that run the business
Think about it from both angles! If you were going to purchase a company, would you want to purchase a company that’s entirely dependant on the current owner? Of course not. You want to make that business part of your own and you don’t want the success of that acquisition to depend on any one person. On the other hand, if you were going to sell your business, you don’t want to be buying yourself a job. You’re selling the business because you’re wanting to move on. You don’t want to buy yourself a job.


So we agree that we need to have systems, however where do they live and how do we implement them? It’s all good and well having folders in our office full of processes and systems, but seriously, who is going to look at them? NO ONE! We live in the digital age. In many cases, our staff work remotely, or at the very least, they have no need to come into the office. How is a bunch of folders in an office going to work in that situation? What about if one of our staff members needs access to a system while they’re out on site? How’s is that going to work. Staff are not going to carry around folders and folders full of documents they’re never going to look at anyway.


Tradie Web Guys’ WIKI.

What’s a WIKI, I hear you ask?

We’ve created the WIKI as a tool to help tradies to grow their business. Think of it like an ‘internal internet’, or an ‘intranet’.

It’s a place that enables you to create and store all of your business systems and processes, so that your entire team can access them. Here are some of the advantages:

  • It’s cloud-based, which means that all of your documents are located conveniently at the fingertips of anyone that needs them, whenever they need them.
    No rummaging through folders, no having to come to the office to read them. Everything, on demand, around the clock.
  • Permission settings allow different staff and different employees to see different systems and processes.
    For example, your field technicians probably don’t need access to your financial systems. Not a problem. Just allow whoever needs to see them.
  • Available on any device. This means all you need is access to the internet. This could be a computer or a mobile device.
    You’re not dependant on any one device, so if one breaks, gets stolen, or lost, it’s not a problem. Your information is still there.
  • Easy to create, update and share. The WIKI makes it very easy for you to create and maintain your systems, so nothing gets outdated.

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