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It’s not about sending out pesty emails!
Amongst many other things, CRM’s and email marketing platforms offer a resource for you to not only capture leads and build your database, but they also offer you amazing data over who your customers are, and where they belong within your sales cycle.

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Three critical areas that Tradie Web Guys focus on

Put your website to work for you and get the most out of it, all the time!

Fully functional websites with all the tricks.

Does your website have critical conversion elements built in to it? Is it mobile friendly? Does it allow you to collect visitors details? Is it easy for yourself to update? No need to compromise!

Use your website to help you build your database.

Build an asset into your company that can potentially be acquired one day. Creating assets gives you serious leverage come the time that you might want to sell. Start building it now, for later.

Turn your website into a marketing machine!

Use your website as a marketing platform, not just an image gallery. Integrations with email automation software and management tools can make your website a marketing powerhouse!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to build an amazing asset.

12 Elements

To a great website

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