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Incredible Marketing For Solar Electricians

South Australia-based Deionno Electrical approached Tradie Web Guys because they needed a custom websites and some creative marketing for their Solar Electrical business. This is their case study.

They got more than they bargained for...
Meet Joe Deionno

He is the driving force behind Deionno Electrical, an Adelaide-based company specialising in solar system installation & maintenance.

Joe wanted to improve his business’ website and online presence to attract more leads, and nurture them through the buying process. 

Message From Joe - June 2023.
Hey guys, one of the leads that came through one of your Google Ads just resulted in a $250,000 off-grid solar job. So stoked.
The Project

Designing A Solar Electrician Website & Marketing Solution To Optimise Opportunities

The Results

First Quarter of SEO

What gets measured gets improved! Each one of our websites has Google Analytics enabled, so we can track progress. So far visitors are spending more than 4 minutes on Ferreira’s website, taking in the images, video and information, with 7% converting to a lead!

SEO Ranking - TWG Ferreri Flooring Case Study

The Business

Deionno Electrical and Solar is a well-known solar electrician in South Australia. With years of industry experience, the company has a strong reputation in the market due to their quality of work, number of five star reviews, and specialised service. They have run successful paid traffic campaigns in the past, however, their search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts were seemingly ineffective. 

Deionno Electrical & Solar has a number of other service offerings such as solar batteries and panel maintenance, that they can provide to their clients. Deionno has the potential to gain a lifetime client with their range of services, so establishing marketing foundations that could foster that relationship was paramount.

The Objective

The client wanted to improve their website and online presence to attract more leads, and nurture them through the buying process. As solar is a more “expensive” service, leads spend more time choosing their supplier, system, etc, so the sales cycle can take weeks. With the website’s objective being to capture leads, the overall objective of the marketing will be to capture contacts, and nurture them using SMS and email campaigns via The Hub (our custom-built CRM for tradies). 

By improving their website and its content, the business will be able to better market their services and ultimately generate more leads. Using the Customer Relationship Management software, they will be able keep leads in the sales cycle until they are ready to buy, demonstrating their expertise and educating leads through SMS and email marketing. They will also have the capability to keep in contact with customers to promote their other services, promotions, request reviews and ask for referrals.

The Challenges

Their website was created using an internally developed programme, making it challenging to update and enhance its functionality. It was also difficult to optimise the website for search engines because of this lack of flexibility. 

Additionally, the website also did a poor job of showcasing the company’s services, and lacked proper SEO optimisation. This was a significant barrier to ranking better in search engines and generating leads from the website.

The Solution

Deionno Electrical and Solar received a complete website and marketing solution from us to enhance their online presence and generate more leads. We rebuilt the website in WordPress, which improved the website’s functionality, speed, and opportunities for search engine optimisation.

The functionality of the website as a whole was improved, with keyword optimisation added to all of the service pages. This would contribute to the improvement of the website’s ranking in search. This was also an essential tool for showcasing the company’s expertise and informing potential clients about its services. By properly incorporating their key services into content, it will attract leads who are searching for their services.

The project also considered location pages which were optimised with local keywords and information to improve the website’s visibility in local search results. This was important because Deionno Electrical wanted to reach potential customers in South Australia who were interested in their services but outside of their local area. We were able to provide the client with the outcomes they were looking for by implementing these tactics. 

Final Thoughts/Results

The client was extremely pleased with the results of the project. The functionality, load time, and search engine optimisation of the website were all enhanced, and they look forward to adding content to their site over time.

Upon competition of their website, Deionno Electrical & Solar got set up with The Hub, ready to complete their lead nurturing sequences, landing pages, promotions and more. 

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