Websites & Marketing for Pipe Reliners That Educate The Customer

Ready Set Reline provides pipe relining services in Sydney. To stand out in a competitive market and attract the right people to their website for pipe relining services, owner Ryan Godfrey needed to upgrade his website. If you work in a micro niche and don't want to spend money or time on unqualified or unsuitable leads, this case study is for you.
Meet Ryan from Ready Set Reline.

Ryan approached Tradie Web Guys because we had experience building websites for pipe relining companies and our understanding their niche service offering would help develop effective marketing. 

The Project

Marketing Niche Trade Services To Generate Higher Quality Leads

The Results

From The First Quarter of SEO

Average Session Duration Of 3:23 min

Better than industry standard, the website is succeeding in educating its viewers

2984%+ Increase In Visitor Traffic

Compared to previous period

The Business

Ready Set Reline is a subdivision of Ready Set Plumb. The plumbing company has a focus on 24/7 emergency work for commercial, strata, and residential, while the relining side of the business has a less “reactive” offering. Pipe relining can service many markets – domestic, industrial and government, so Ryan decided to turn it into its own business and brand. 

Both the plumbing and pipe relining companies have been going strong for over 15 years, establishing them as one of Sydney’s premier plumbing and relining companies.

The Objective

As always, the goal is conversions. In order to filter high quality leads to Ready Set Reline, their website needed to send a crystal clear message of what the service does and who it does it for. 

The website was to become a marketing platform that would see more leads coming in organically through keyword-specific creative copywriting, showcase their work, educate the reader and perform well on all devices. As pipe relining is a niche service, we used that to our advantage to dial in content and keywords, with the aim of having most leads coming to them warm.

Ready Set Reline was also wanting to create landing pages for use in Google Ads, which was a service they added a few months post launch.

The Challenges

Most people are familiar with the traditional methods of pipe repair, which involves digging. Our challenge and goal with this project was to start educating the reader on the benefits of the service as soon as they land on the website. An educated lead means you can spend more time on lead nurturing, building rapport and selling them on your point of difference. 

Another factor that we considered when building this website was the fact that it had existing page ranking, which we didn’t want to lose. This meant the team – both copywriting and web development – had to take precautions to carry over the necessary information for a seamless transition.

The Solution

Matt strategised with Ryan on the best way to structure the website in order to maximise keyword ranking opportunities. By building the website correctly, including improving navigation and responsive design, we would in turn see an improvement in overall ranking and engagement.

Now, when someone is searching for a solution for cracked pipes, blocked drains, etc – those specific keywords and services have been explained in their own section on the Ready Set Reline website. It sounds straightforward, but many companies place all the information on a single service page, and it can not only be a bad user experience, but ineffective for SEO. Our in house copywriting team worked with the SEO team to update the website’s content, which is generally not an area trade business owners want to spend their time. 

Four months after the website launch, we can see that 62% of their website views are on mobile devices and tablets. This is significant because previously their website was not very responsive to devices, and could potentially lose leads due to poor user experience. Additionally, we can see that the viewers are spending 3:23 min on average on the website, taking in the content and educating themselves on this pipe relining company.

To summarise, the messaging on the website has been cleaned up and includes relevant original images provided by the client. This website for pipe reliners Ready Set Reline very quickly gives the viewer relevant information as well as multiple opportunities to get in contact. It looks great, can scale with the business, and adapt serve as a platform for a variety of marketing tools.

To date, using a combination of SEO and Google Ads, we see this website has a 10% goal completion rate – meaning click to calls, emails, and form completions from 10% of visitors.

We look forward to seeing Ready Set Reline’s website and marketing for pipe reliners continue to thrive.

The Results 6 Months After Rebuild

Keyword position improvement of 200 places

10.7K Google My Business Impressions

New leads generated monthly


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