Tradie Web Guys specialise in websites for Pipe Reliners

Check out this website and SEO project from the Tradie Web Guys for the team at Platinum Pipe Relining. 

Project Summary

Prior to working with Tradie Web Guys, Rhys at Platinum Pipe Relining had no control over his website or his SEO with his previous digital marketing agency. He knew Matt & the TWG team would equip him with the tools to get the most out of his website.

Beginning with a website rebuild, the homepage became more engaging,  with added buttons to invite potential customers to get in contact. We also introduced a number of standard conversion elements including optimised content and images across the site as well as services pages and project galleries.

All design and content upgrades were done with SEO in mind, and now 6+ months down the track Platinum Pipe Relining are seeing some awesome results as you can see from the stats above.

*results as on 17/09/2020

SEO Snapshot

The Platinum Pipe Relining’s SEO campaign has gone from strength to strength. As you can see from the stats, they have climbed the ranks in Google (+3450 change!), getting a huge amount of impressions and landing on the first page for more than 50 of their search terms (as seen below). Potential customers are spending time on their website – checking out more than 4 pages on average. That means people like what they are seeing and are building trust with the company. As we all know, trust = sales!

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Screen Shot 2020 10 20 at 1.15.46 pm 1024x472 - SEO & Websites For Pipe Reliners - Platinum Pipe Relining

Before Snapshot

When Rhys from Platinum Pipe Relining came to us, his website was still stuck in it’s basic stages.

With a limited amount of pages, a lack of proper navigation, images on his homepage that didn’t work and outdated copy, it was clear to Rhys that a prime marketing opportunity was slipping through his fingers.

At the time, he was working with another company that had complete control over his website and his SEO strategy. This left Rhys feeling out of the loop and separated from his marketing.

He wanted to work with a team that would show him the ropes and work alongside him to manage his company’s online presence – helping him to target unique pipe relining audiences and searches.

That’s why he came to us. 

Website Brief

When Rhys met with Matt, the Director of Tradie Web Guys, he explained that he wanted a website that would help him showcase his team’s hard work and target specific geographic and pipe relining searches in Google.

Rhys made it clear that he wanted to use a new website, stronger SEO strategy and better content to generate more high-quality leads for the business.

Project Specifications

Considering the starting point of Platinum Pipe Relining’s website, and the niche nature of the services offered, this project required some reverse engineering from the Tradie Web Guys design team. 

We needed to employ an acute SEO strategy to target the niche of pipe relining on Google and use that to create content and build out an even bigger and better website for the company.

As SEO strategies need to consistently be updated and evolved, we also committed to continuing to work with Rhys to measure the success of his ongoing strategy and make changes where he felt were required.

Project Obstacles

One of the main issues we faced with this project was getting the pre-existing website information from the provider Rhys was previously working with.

Unfortunately, the issues seemed to snowball once we got those details. 

It turned out that the services Rhys was paying for had either been set up incorrectly or not at all. Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Ads, and many more all had to be set up from scratch by our team. 

Project Duration

Setbacks have yet to deter the Tradie web Guys team, and even with the issues Rhys faced with his pre-existing website, we were able to get him a completely new one, fitted out with a solid SEO strategy, in just six weeks. 

At the time of writing, Platinum Pipe Relining has been working their SEO campaign for less than 6 months and already seeing some amazing results. 

After snapshot

Once The Tradie Web Guys team got stuck in, Platinum Pipe Relining’s website was transformed. 

We built out the homepage of the company site with more engaging and lively images that worked and added contact buttons to invite potential customers to get in contact. We also introduced a number of standard conversion elements including optimised content and images across the site as well as services pages and project galleries.

The Tradie Web Guys are not ones to finish a job and then leave customers in the dark either. We have continued to work with Rhys since his project completion to help him manage the different assets on his site. 

As result of all this, the SEO results that Platinum Pipe Relining are now seeing are some of the best we have ever measured at The Tradie Web Guys. 

Rhys is now welcoming in a range of new residential and commercials customers and landing some significant new jobs and projects. He’s happy and confident in the direction his company is now taking thanks to his well-built new website and ongoing SEO strategy.