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Check out this website and SEO project from Tradie Web Guys for the landscaping team at Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping!

Meet Gavin.

He’s a landscaper who owns his own company in NSW called Sydney Garden Landscaping & Maintenance.

Gavin was ready for growth, but needed to nail his digital marketing in order to gain the visibility and job leads he needed.

Here’s what he achieved, and how he did it, with our support.

The Project

Turning your website into a lead generation tool.

Project Summary

Gavin, the owner of Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping, got most of his work from word of mouth and existing clients. When it came time to grow the business, he knew he needed an online presence to take it to the next level.

While he had a website a long time ago, due to poor website management the content was all lost and the website broken. Starting fresh with Tradie Web Guys, Gavin was able to create a fresh new website that could grow with his business and be well taken care of while he was out on the job. 

Check out this case study video to hear more about turning your website into a lead generation tool and improving your ranking with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

SEO Snapshot

This particular campaign got good results very quickly. As you can see from the stats below, their website has seen huge changes in the last 10 months!  You can see in the chart below an overall increase in Google rankings which indicates the improvement in search position. This is based on the terms used in the SEO campaign, and what this means is Sydney GM is ranking very well with their TWG SEO strategy!

You can also see from the bar graph below that they have greatly improved in their keyword rankings. Starting off with only 8 keywords ranking in the top ten searches, they have improved greatly! This graph shows how many keywords are showing in the top 10 places on a Google search.

If you want to know more about SEO for tradies and how it can be tailored to suit your business, head to this page on our website.

Before Snapshot

Sydney Garden Maintenance & Landscaping (Sydney GM) came to us after hearing more about the exclusive marketing work we do for tradies on The Site Shed podcast, which our company director Matt Jones facilitates and hosts. 

Gavin Drew, Director of Sydney GM, was looking to generate new leads for his business and thought that a well-built website was a step in the right direction. 

With virtually no online presence, Matt knew what would help Gavin was not just a new website, but also a solid SEO strategy to support it. 

Website for Landscapers – Brief

As the business was mainly looking to expand their operations, Sydney GM’s goal was to build a website and brand experience that would leave a lasting impression with potential residential and commercial customers.

Gavin told us that they had previously had a website but had unfortunately lost it. Other than your basic company advertising on vehicles and billboards, Gavin had no solid marketing strategy, so he was happy to work with us to design a website from the ground up. 

Project Specifications

So that we could easily help Gavin and his team manage their website and monitor their own progress, we built the site using WordPress – our choice of content management systems. 

WordPress sites are intuitive and easy-to-use, which means our clients can add, amend or remove content at their discretion. 

Some priorities for Gavin when it came to creating the SEO for his website included ranking for geographically-targeted searches for landscapers (i.e. Sydney) and commercial customers looking for assistance (i.e. apartment blocks, hospitals, schools, etc). 

Project Obstacles

From an SEO point of view, our team had to define the relevant keywords associated with both the residential and commercial aspects of Gavin’s goals for ranking.

This process was significantly time-consuming for our team due to how different these two types of projects and jobs are (think in terms of language and terminology used). 

Keywords form the baseline of any SEO plan, so this did delay our team in creating website content for Sydney GM. However, once we ironed out all the kinks, we were away. 

Project Duration

The creation of the website for Sydney GM took 5 weeks from start to finish. 

At the time of writing, Sydney GM had been working on their SEO campaign for 5 months. The SEO strategy, however, is ongoing. At the Tradie Web Guys, we like to continue to work with our customers on their SEO so we can help them gain confidence in understanding and assessing SEO, and creating new strategies.

After snapshot

We’ve been absolutely blown away by the results that SydneyGM are seeing from their new website and SEO strategy. 

Gavin has been absolutely run off his feet with a range of new residential and commercial customers as well as some massive new projects for him and his team. 

Having now seen the power of a well thought-out SEO strategy and website, Gavin continues to work with us to assess and evolve his website and it’s content. 


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