Tradie Web Guys Make Websites for Builders

Do you need a high quality website to show off your work and get you leads? Check out why Blue Point Building chose to Tradie Web Guys to rebuild their website. 

Project Summary

Blue Point Building does amazing work in the home extension and renovations space. Their old website wasn’t functioning properly and wasn’t designed to convert leads. 

Websites for builders generally don’t have to be heavy on content, they just need to show prospective clients what they are capable of. A modern website that showcased their work was exactly what Blue Point Building needed. 

Check out this video from Matt Jones explaining some of the key elements we integrated into the new website and why they are valuable. 

Before Snapshot

Blue Point Building had a DIY website which wasn’t functioning properly. When they came to Tradie Web Guys, some of the links weren’t working, which was their main concern. After a scoping session to Matt to find out what else was important to their business, it was decided they needed an attractive website to showcase their work, with the standard call-to-actions.

Website Rebuild Brief

Built in WordPress, their new website would allow them to easily add to their gallery, add reviews and update content. A clean layout that was easy to navigate was important, as well as improving “above the fold” – the first thing users see when they visit websites for builders. Included in the new website would have CTA’s – opportunities for users to contact them via online form, email or telephone. Blue Point Building also used our copywriting team to create fresh content for new pages that were being added to their site.

Project Specifications

The new website would be quicker to load, having being built in a WordPress program that is fairly light on code. When they are ready to update their site, this program will allow them to do that easily.  

Blue Point have signed onto Tradie Web Guys’ Care Plan, which will manage all license renewals, maintenance and support, website and plugin updates, website backups and hosting so the client doesn’t have to worry about their website going down. You can find out more about our care plan here.

Project Obstacles

This was a fairly straightforward job! The client already had high quality original images of their work that we were able to use, and were quick to respond to any communication. They were a dream to work with!

Project Duration

This website took less than 2 weeks to complete. 

After snapshot

When you visit Blue Point Building’s new website, you can tell instantly that they are professionals. They are able to showcase their work, their awards, and tell their story through this beautiful website. Having only launched earlier in 2021, they are already receiving some leads from people checking out their site! 

If you are looking for a way to showcase your work, tell your story and get lead, contact us. We have experience making websites for builders, along with many other trades.