Tradie Web Guys Website Rebuild Case Study

Think your website might need an upgrade? Time for a rebuild? Check out this case study on why we chose to rebuild our own client’s website!

Project Summary

Priority Plus Plumbing came to Tradie Web Guys in mid 2019 to re-do their website. You can see the original case study here to see how far it’s come. They have been a client of TWG ever since, enlisting us to do their SEO as well as website maintenance and security.

You might be thinking “shouldn’t you be able to build a website once and just be done with it??” Well, we could do that, but in order to keep up with technology, sometime it pays to do a quick website rebuild. To see a detailed report, keey scrolling, or check out this video from Matt Jones explaining why we did this rebuild. 

SEO Snapshot

These rankings increased more than 2000 places in the last year, but you can see a huge jump once we launched the new website. This change in keyword ranking indicates how your keywords are climbing the ladder in search. Moving places with positive change means you are stepping closer and closer to that coveted #1 position!

While this graph looks gradual, change is more than 100 places each quarter – the vertical axis is for 3000 places! Overall, what a great result for this company.

Screen Shot 2021 03 23 at 1.07.47 pm 1024x265 - Website Rebuild and Upgrades for Tradies

Before Snapshot

Priority Plus had perfectly functional website. It had all the relevant call to actions (CTA’s) and showcased their work beautifully. We had been optimising it over the last year and seeing good results with SEO.

Website Rebuild Brief

To keep up with changing technology and how users interact with websites, we had two main focus points for this project. 

1. Improve loading speed
2. Improve ease of backend management 
3. Overall facelift, improve navigation, update above the fold

Project Specifications

Our Web Dev team chose to rebuild this website using a WordPress program that is much lighter on code, so it loads much quicker. Users don’t want to be waiting for your page to load, they will pretty much give up on your services if they have to see “the spinning wheel of death” or a blank white page!

The change of code makes this website more user friendly. The web development team, SEO team and even the owner of Priority Plus can now easily make amendments to their website. 

We updated the space “above the fold”, which is what users see as a first impression of the website. You can see that it is much more modern, easier to navigate, and more compelling – even if the differences are subtle!

Project Obstacles

As we had already done so much work to establish their ranking online, we didn’t want to lose any traction with their SEO campaign. This meant being meticulous in changing over elements of the website, ensuring all content is brought over and loaded properly. Our web dev team was across it all and managed the new build without a hitch!

Project Duration

As we had all of the existing login information from the client, the rebuild took less than 3 weeks. 

After snapshot

As you can see from the SEO snapshot above, their new website is performing very well in search. In the last 30 days, their website has had over 600 page views! That’s a lot of people checking them out. Good thing their new rebuilt website loads quickly, is a great user experience and has evolved with their brand. 

If you are keen to discuss what a website rebuild can do for your tradie business, give the team at Tradie Web Guys a call to see what minor changes can have a big impact on your business.