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Check out this case study for award winning Sydney based company Priority Plus Plumbing

Project Summary

Priority Plus Plumbing is an award winning company based out of Sydney. They had an existing website, however it was outdated and didn’t showcase the beautiful work they do. While it had all the basic contact information available, it lacked functionality and a compelling reason for customers to enquire about their services. They came to Tradie Web Guys with a vision to create a functional website that they could modify themselves, that could grow with their business.

Priority Plus had a lot of awesome content that could be optimised on their new website. They provided Tradie Web Guys with case studies to add to their Project Gallery as well as blogs. Because of this great content, Tradie Web Guys was able to increase both their organic search results on Google, as well as improve their ranking with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). As you can see from the stats above, it’s been a very good year for Priority Plus Plumbing online.

*Results as on 15/09/2020

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Peter Honey & Con Papadimitriou


Starting off as TAFE buddies and starting their own respective businesses, Peter and Con eventually reconnected and merged companies to create Priority Plus Plumbing. They specialise in residential and commercial maintenance, as well as small commercial projects. 

“Matt at TWG was able to take all the hard thinking away from me so I could just hand it over (the existing site), get it sorted out and get a call whenever my input was needed” – Peter Honey

Before Snapshot

Priority Plus had an existing website, but it just needed a good refresh to be cleaned up and optimised. They had all the basic boxes ticked; contact and service pages, blogs, images, about us, etc, but it was time to upgrade to a more customisable and compelling website.

Plumber’s Website Brief

Priority Plus wanted a website that really stood out amongst their competition and could showcase their range of services. It was important to Pete that the website start to generate more leads by way of landing pages, gathering contact details, and making it easy for customers to contact them.

The additional creation of a Project Gallery would allow Priority Plus Plumbing to capitalise on their commercial projects by documenting their work, creating content and improving their organic Google ranking in that space.

Project Specifications

In order for the website to be easily managed by Priority Plus Plumbing, we built it using WordPress, which is our choice of Content Management Systems (CMS). Tradie Web Guys’ WordPress websites enable our clients to easily add, amend and remove content at their discretion.

Priority Plus have also entrusted Tradie Web Guys with the hosting of their site under the TWG Care Plan.

Project Obstacles

Priority Plus Plumbing’s old website contained a lot of content and had an existing Google ranking. In order to maintain that Google ranking (and even improve on it), Tradie Web Guys had to take care in ensuring all of the page information was brought over correctly. This was not so much an obstacle as it was time consuming, however the TWG team was meticulous and delivered effortlessly.

Project Duration

This particular project had a mix of existing pages and some new page creation. As mentioned it was important to maintain the integrity of the old website’s search results, so the project took 4 weeks from start to finish.

They have been progressing with their SEO campaign with Tradie Web Guys for 9 months now*, and seeing good results. 

After snapshot

After a couple weeks of launching the new site, Priority Plus ranked front page of Google for multiple search terms, as an unpaid (organic) search thanks to the content created in their Project Gallery.

Since then, Priority Plus have utilised Tradie Web Guys’ assistance in SEO and other marketing campaigns with outstanding results.

From a design aspect, is a great example of a professional website for plumbers. It gives a potential customer confidence in the company, showcases their strengths, and makes it really easy to contact them. They can also add to their own site to create content, which in turn improves their Google rankings naturally.