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Bellingers Electrical Contractors, Townsville

Project Summary

Bellingers Electrical initially came to Tradie Web Guys for SEO. At first glance their original website worked well for the SEO campaign, but over time TWG identified where improvements could be made. To improve user experience and load times, it was time for a new website. 

In a few short weeks Bellingers had a new website built by Tradie Web Guys. A modernised design featuring customer friendly navigation, frequent Click To Call buttons, and optimised content (Gallery and Blogs) that put Bellingers on track for digital marketing greatness.

As you cans see from the stats above and graph below, their campaign has continued to improve over 2019-2020.

Screen Shot 2020 09 22 at 10.13.46 am - SEO & Websites For Electricians - Bellingers Electrical

SEO Snapshot

Since beginning their SEO campaign with Tradie Web Guys in December 2019, Bellingers has seen a steady increase in their ranking for both location based search terms as well as general search terms.  Want to know more about SEO for electricians? Head over to this page

*Results as on 22/09/2020

Before Snapshot

Bellingers had a nice looking website prior to the Tradie Web Guys rebuild. While it had a few bits and pieces that needed improvement, it had a good base structure considering it was made a few years ago. There was a nice amount of content Tradie Web Guys was able to bring over to the new website.

Electrician’s Website Brief

One of the main purposes in rebuilding Bellingers’ website was to improve on loading speed and fix hosting errors. The customer experience was to be improved with faster load times and better navigation. To assist with their SEO campaign the services were each given their own pages. A blog and project gallery were also created which has helped their SEO success even further.

Project Specifications

Due to the amount of content on this website for electricians at Bellingers, Tradie Web Guys has built the website using WordPress. Bellingers has been equipped with the tools to update their own blogs and project galleries, and do basic amendments as needed as their business grows and changes.

Project Obstacles

There were no obstacles, but the Web Development team at Tradie Web Guys had to be meticulous is ensuring the changeover from old to new website didn’t negatively affect the existing Google ranking. By maintaining the integrity of the metatags and other “behind the scenes” parts of each webpage, the new website launch went smoothly.

Project Duration

Bellingers came on an as SEO client in December 2019, and decided to rebuild their website mid 2020. The website took about a month to build. 


After snapshot

Bellingers is seeing a lot of traffic to their new website. 13% come directly from social media, 35% are through an organic search, and a whopping 60% are searching their site directly (*Google analytics, August 2020). This means when someone sees their trucks on the road, they are putting Bellingers right into their search bar to look them up! 

As a first impression the website is doing really great. It has all the click to call features to make it easy for potential customers to get in touch, and showcases their work beautifully. As you can see from the screenshot below, they are ranking very well in their local area. 



Screen Shot 2020 09 24 at 2.56.56 pm 300x291 - SEO & Websites For Electricians - Bellingers Electrical