Tradie Web Guys Specialise in Creating Websites for Aircon Installers

Check out this website and SEO project as part of the Elevation Program for Aircon Services in Brisbane, QLD.

Project Summary

Warren Cardiff, the owner of Aircon Services in Brisbane, recently approached us to assist in revamping his website to help him present a more impactful online presence, and gain new customers. 

Aircon Services has been running since 2017, and while they have experienced success, Warren wanted to up their game through a fully optimised website carried out by our professionals.

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SEO Snapshot

This particular campaign is getting great results in a short period of time! That stats above were taken after only 4 months. As you can see, there is a great positive change. Overall increase in Google rankings (change) indicates the improvement in search position, based on the terms used in the SEO campaign. You can also see from the bar graph below they have improved their first page search terms by 4X in just four months!

We are so excited to see this amazing company become an even stronger presence online, as time goes on.

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*Results as on 23/02/2021

Before Snapshot

While Aircon Services’ previous website was just o.k., it was most definitely in need of some major improvements. There was a definite need to implement a variety of SEO tactics if the site was to outcompete competitors in terms of Google rankings.

It also required better click to call/call to action features to better convert leads.

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Website for Aircon Installers – Brief

The aim for the website for Aircon Services was to create an eye-catching website that targeted ideal customers in the Brisbane area. Because of the rise in popularity of mobile browsing, we also wanted to create a site that was completely mobile friendly. 

SEO was another very important factor for this particular website as we wanted to improve the Google rankings and help Aircon Services give their competitors a run for their money. 

Aircon Services is a fantastic company that truly deserves a professional online representation with inviting call to actions and new content that accurately represents their brand identity.

Project Specifications

Aircon Services enlisted in Tradie Web Guys’ Elevation Program. Which we would recommend to businesses who don’t have an established marketing platform already. This package includes full SEO services, maintenance and security features, as well as a fully functioning chatbot and email marketing. SEO was probably the most important aspect of this entire project.

Project Obstacles

There were few obstacles to overcome when building Aircon Services’ new website.

The project was essentially a full website rebuild. Thankfully they allowed us to work with a blank slate and trusted our professional expertise. The client was very co-operative in giving Tradie Web Guys original content and photos. Much time was spent researching the ideal keywords to rank for and creating an effective SEO plan that would yield impressive yet sustainable results.

Project Duration

This website project for Aircon Services took six weeks to complete from start to finish.

This is a typical time period for our sites under our elevation program, and we are satisfied with the work that was done in this amount of time.

After snapshot

The owner of Aircon Services is very happy with the results that we provided him with. Aircon Services saw a steady increase in Google rankings (900+ places at the time of writing, which is approximately three months into the campaign). The site has also experienced 15000 page impressions (at time of writing), 65% of sessions coming from organic searches, 67% of sessions new users.

These are the type of results that are commonly experienced by trade websites that have allowed Tradie Web Guys to add value to their online presence.