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Why are websites essential to pest control?

Pest Exterminators have a pretty difficult job description. In most occasions, pest exterminators are left out of the spotlight. With the help of a highly dynamic website, they can now showcase their expertise and talents about safe and effective pest control through the world wide web.
Nowadays, having a well-built website is the most efficient way to get your potential customers’ attention. With the help of a world-class website, pest control experts can now display their plethora of skills digitally. They can now make themselves available through the entire internet world. Thanks to Tradie Web Guys, pest exterminators are empowered online.

Pest Control’s Website Brief

Natraspray approached Tradie Web Guys to help them with their pest control website. They had an existing website, however, the layout was dated and functionality was very limited.

They wanted more traffic, however, the existing website was not built for conversion and lacked what we at Tradie Web Guys consider, ‘fundamental conversion elements’.

Also, Natraspray did not have a system in place that could help them capture visitor information and their current email provider was unreliable, regularly letting them down.

Project Duration

Although the project was very involved, it only took three weeks to complete.


This is largely due to the client being fantastic in following our procedures to obtain the information that we required and also their ability to work with our team to identify their tastes and goals.


With all of the information we needed, being made available to us, the development team was able to build an amazing project, in record time.


Project Obstacles

The vertical that Natraspray Pest Control operate in is not overly competitive, so we needed to make sure that the keywords we were optimising web pages for were actually being searched.

The images that we sourced needed to reflect the Australian market as a lot of them were clearly North American. This took a little longer than expected as we couldn’t use the vendor we normally purchase images through.

Natraspray’s logo colours are green and gold, which are quite bright. Unlike the old website, we wanted to keep the design of the new website a lot more simple, clean and easy to navigate.

This meant we had to reduce the amount of green and gold across the site, which worked out very well.

Project Specifications

Although the core of this project is a pest control website, the initial conversation was focussed more on lead generation.

After auditing Natraspray Pest Control’s website, it was obvious to us that a lead generation strategy would be a waste of time until the website was able to convert the traffic it was receiving into enquiries.

We built them a beautiful new website using WordPress and we incorporated technology that makes it very simple for them to update and use.

We set them up on Google’s ‘G Suite’ to fix their email problems and give them access to the suite of apps that come with the Google Suite. This includes (but is not limited to) Google Drive, which is an enterprise solution cloud storage platform that basically puts the running of a business at the fingertips of a business owner.

Through Google Drive, you can literally access all of your business information and documentation via a smartphone, tablet, computer, or any device that connects to the internet. It’s amazing.

Lastly, we integrated the website’s forms with an email marketing program. This enabled us to start capturing information and data for prospects and customers, while at the same time building a healthy database for Natraspray.

This tool can be used for sending automated email sequences, individual email broadcasts, deal tracking and many other things. It’s a very powerful tool in the arsenal of any business and looking forward, Natraspray will be able to use the information that it collects to market to leads and communicate with existing customers.

After snapshots

From an onboarding perspective, Natraspray Pest Control was a dream to work with. They provided us all with the right information and they were responsive to communication.

From a design aspect, is probably one of the best websites that Tradie Web Guys has created. It really does stand out both functionally and aesthetically.

The customer is very happy and the feedback has been overwhelming.