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Marketing For Builders - CB Built’s Remarkable 30-Day Achievements


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How Tradie Web Guys Generated Qualified Leads For CB Built in 30-Days

CB Built chose Tradie Web Guys for a digital facelift. Despite their trade expertise, CB Built’s outdated website, low conversions and leads were holding them back.

This case study unveils their mind-blowing transformation in just 30 days with our expertise in Facebook ads for builders.

Meet Callum Benn, the Face of CB Built

With over 15 years of expertise, Callum Benn, the founder of CB Built, leads a dynamic building team in Tauranga, New Zealand. His dedication to excellence is the driving force behind CB Built’s reputation for delivering top-tier solutions.

Callum approached us to skyrocket his business’s online presence, attract more qualified leads, and establish a solid presence in a competitive market.

Here’s how we gave his vision a reality

What CB Wanted to Achieve

When Callum reached out to us at Tradie Web Guys, he had a clear mission in mind to harness the power of digital marketing to generate high-quality leads and increase conversions for his business.

Faced with the challenge of a low-performing website and struggling to convert leads effectively, he turned to us for a solution. In a competitive landscape dominated by paid traffic, we recognised the need to craft a winning strategy. By leveraging our expertise in Facebook ads for builders, we were able to deliver results that aligned perfectly with Callum’s vision.

Unleashing CB Built's Success with Our Proven Services

CB Built aimed to boost conversions, improve performance, and attract qualified leads with the right message. Here’s how we delivered these goals swiftly and effectively to CB Built in a short time.

  • Visual Design
  • Content Writing
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO
  • CRO
  • Marketing Automation
  • Foundations Program

Rising Above Challenges

Our Approach to Elevate CB Built

The team at Tradie Web Guys gears up for every project, facing challenges head-on and emerging with unwavering confidence and success. The journey with this project was no different, as we encountered and conquered every obstacle along the way.

Through unwavering dedication and strategic prowess, We not only overcame these challenges but also delivered results that far exceeded expectations, propelling CB Built to unmatched success in a fiercely competitive market of builders. 

After: CB Built’s Mind-Blowing 30-Day Results

More Leads, Conversions, Less Ad Spend and Impressive ROI Results

It’s worth noting that all these results were obtained from engaging with an entirely new audience, commonly referred to as “cold traffic.” This underscores our proficiency in converting unfamiliar prospects into potential clients within just one month.

It’s a testament to our ability to make a substantial impact in marketing for builders.

From Traditional to Trendsetting: A Builder's Marketing Journey

In the world of marketing for builders, things have changed drastically in recent years. It used to be all about having a great-looking website and showing off your work. But now, with the rise of platforms, the focus has shifted. It’s not just about getting leads; it’s about getting the right leads. Genuinely interested people.

We’ve seen this shift firsthand with CB Built. By creating effective ads and guiding potential clients through a tailored journey, we’re helping builders stand out and connect with the right customers. At Tradie Web Guys we believe quality matters more than quantity, and that’s our commitment as we navigate the ever-evolving world of digital marketing for builders.

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