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Check out this case study of HeatCool Group out of Victoria!

Project Summary

HeatCool Group was growing and wanted to take their marketing to the next level. After using paid ads on Google they spoke with Matt (TWG Director) to discuss other opportunities to generate leads online. 

While their old website ticked all the basic boxes, rebuilding their website would establish a better foundation to serve their business and marketing campaigns in the future.

What do we mean by a better foundation? A website that can grow with their business where content can be (easily) added or altered. Playing the long game in SEO to climb the ranks in organic search requires regular, quality content updates. 

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SEO Snapshot

Over the last 5 months we have seen a steady growth in this campaign. As you can see from the bar graph below, their keywords in the top 10 on Google have almost doubled. This means they are the amongst the first businesses people see when searching for servicing, maintenance and sales in their are. 

HeatCool have also seen a significant movement in their overall keywords. The increase of over 900 places signifies how their keywords have improved in standing overall within Google search engine.

We are super happy with these results, and continue to work monthly towards improving them even further!

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Results as on 23/03/2021*

Before Snapshot

HeatCool Group had a pretty good HVAC website, however it was in need of a refresh. It had served them well for a couple of years and worked well as a landing page for their paid ads. In order to become more of a lead generation tool and rank higher on Google search, a new website with more content was to be designed. 

Website Brief

The main design change was to incorporate more click to call features and contact forms. Making it as easy as possible for a customer to find the information they need is always our top priority.

Changing the navigation of the website to separate service pages, include blogs and resources was all part of our strategy to make HeatCool Group’s website as SEO friendly as possible. 

While we used some stock images on the new website, the long term plan is to replace them with HeatCool’s own unique images. 

Project Specifications

In order for the website to be easily managed by HeatCool Group, the website was built using WordPress, which is our choice of Content Management Systems (CMS). Tradie Web Guys’ WordPress websites enable our clients to easily add, amend and remove content at their discretion.

Project Duration

This website took about 6 weeks to complete. As you can see from their new website, there is a lot of content. There are multiple service pages and a unique look to each of their resource pages. HeatCool were great at supplying original content whenever possible. Fortunately for the HVAC industry, there are a lot of quality stock images that can be used when original images aren’t available. 

After snapshot

HeatCool Group loves the look of their new HVAC website! It is already generating more unique organic clicks in the search engines and will continue to climb the ranks on Google. 

Working with Tradie Web Guys on an SEO strategy, we look forward to publishing some great results here in the near future. Already they are ranking well for their local area!                                                                       *20/10/2020

Screen Shot 2020 10 20 at 11.36.15 am 1024x562 - HVAC Website & SEO - HeatCool Group