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Website rebuild case study for Glide Free, a company making foil kits for sailboats in Sydney, Australia.

Project Summary

Glide Free approached us to upgrade their website for an improved online presence. They felt that their old website wasn’t representing their product well. They wanted a website that gave them increased scalability and future growth opportunities. Basically, the company wanted to invest more into marketing to build their asset and attract new partners or sell it if possible. They wanted more video media on their website to showcase their product and its usability.

How Did We Make Them A Website That Boosted Their Online Presence?

Glide Free’s old website had quite a bit of information, but its user navigation was difficult. It wasn’t visually appealing, and the resources and information were jumbled together in a confusing layout.

We built them a new website using WordPress as it has future scalability options and better SEO. We cleaned up their navigation toolbar to make it easier to get to each section. They had a lot of great resources like videos, manuals, and articles. We organised and divided those into sub-sections. We also updated the images provided by them into a sleeker and attractive layout designed to integrate features and content whenever required. They wanted to branch into e-commerce using the website as a platform, so we also added a shop page with a simple order form and payment options.

The result was an easy to navigate website built for future scalability and improved SEO. It was clear cut and professional and easy on the eyes.

What Is In The Works For Their Website Management?

We are in the process of assisting them with making their YouTube channel. All the video media on the website will be linked to it when it’s online to give the website more structure. Content from some of their technical articles will also be added to their website pages to provide value-added content to visitors and optimised for higher search engine visibility.

The e-commerce shop will be updated to integrate payment portals and details with images when Glide Free finalises further details on their end.

Glide Free signed up for our Managed Care Plan that includes website hosting and maintenance, WordPress updates and plugins. We will also look after their licenses and renewals, including technical support and security. That leaves them free to run their business without having to worry about website performance and updates.

In 2 weeks, we were able to give Glide Free a revamped, professional-looking website showcasing their amazing foil kits. It will grow with their business, giving them a solid online presence.

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