Case Study

CRM For Solar Installers: SJ Power’s Success Story

Digital Transformation Case Study: Streamlining Business Processes with Lead Management Software


SJ Power, a prominent solar installation company, sought to improve their lead management and overall sales process. They needed an integrated lead management system to handle the growing number of customer inquiries efficiently.

The Challenge

Before integrating The Hub into their business, SJ Power faced several challenges:

Lack of a Lead Management System:

Leads were scattered across emails, SMS and other message channels, causing delays and missed follow-ups.

No Appointment Systems in Place:

No chance for leads to schedule calls or receive adequate communication before site visits.

Manual Review Management:

Customer feedback was not systematically gathered.

Pipeline Inefficiencies:

Without a clear view of the sales pipeline, tracking the progress of each lead was nearly impossible.

The Solution

SJ Power decided to adopt The Hub Lead Management System to address these challenges. The implementation focused on the following key features:

Pipeline/Sales Management

A visual pipeline to track leads from initial inquiry to project completion.

Customisable stages to reflect the unique sales process of the business.

Appointment Booking

Automated scheduling for discovery calls and site visits.

Reminders and follow-up notifications to ensure no appointments were missed.

Integration with Job Management (Simpro)

Data flow between The Hub and Simpro.

Automatic contact creation in Simpro once a lead is converted, reducing manual entry.

Centralised Communications Platform

Bringing all messages and calls into one place for management from the admin team.

Review Management

Automated review requests sent to customers upon project completion.

Easy tracking of customer feedback to identify areas for improvement.

Automated AI powered responses to further reduce admin tasks

The Results

After implementing The Hub CRM, SJ Power saw a dramatic improvement in their operations:

  • Increased Lead Conversion: With a better lead management system and follow-up, the conversion rate significantly improved.
  • Improved Appointment Management: Automated scheduling reduced conflicts and no-shows.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Integration with Simpro eliminated data silos and improved job management efficiency.
  • Positive Customer Feedback: Systematic review management helped gather valuable customer insights, leading to an increase in positive reviews.


The implementation of The Hub elevated SJ Power’s operations by establishing efficient lead management and sales systems. 

The integration of appointment booking, pipeline management, job management, and review management not only improved internal processes but also enhanced customer satisfaction. 

The addition of a new admin team member further supported the growing business, setting the stage for continued success.

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