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Want to know what marketing strategies work according to tradies?

Who is the most reliable resource when it comes to knowing what marketing strategies work for trade businesses?

The Site Shed Facebook Group has over 6000 tradies and contractors. It’s full of comment threads, Q&As, polls, videos and more. 

It houses A LOT of great insights, and lucky for you, we’ve taken the time to sift through it all to get to the good stuff.

With our eyes on marketing, we dove head first into the Discussion section of the group and found some of the best recommendations from other tradies for ways to promote your business online and generate jobs from the digital market.

And then we took all those insights and jam-packed them into ONE digital download.

We present: The Tradie Consensus on Marketing!

A FREE, downloadable super-pack of actions and strategies that tradies and contractors from around the world have tried, tested and then shared online in the hope of helping others take advantage of the digital space and generate jobs.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a plumbing business, electrical contractor, construction company, solar specialist, or whatever!

We’re sure that there are insights in here for you.

So, what’s included in this FREE digital download, you ask? We’ll tell you. 

The Tradie Consensus on Marketing includes:

Image of '5 things your website needs according to other tradies' infographic

5 things your website absolutely needs

Think your plumbing business' marketing is up to scratch? Well, if you're missing any of these five elements from your website, it might not be going as well as you think.

Image of '7 ways tradies are bringing in new business' infographic

7 ways tradies are generating new business

If the phones just aren't ringing enough in your electrical business, it's usually a sign it's time for something new in the marketing department. So, why not take a tried and tested leaf out of someone else's book?

Unconventional tradie marketing strategies

So, you've tried every construction business marketing tactic you can think of. You've got the billboards, branded vehicles, social media pages and website. Now it's time to start thinking outside of the box, just like these guys.

But that's not all...

On top of sharing tradie tips for digital marketing and lead generation, we want to help you improve your email marketing

So, in addition to the above content, we’re also throwing in a few templates to use in your business inbox, including:

A quick response email template

Add in your business information and then save this template in your emailing system. Then, when you receive a new enquiry via email, all you need to do is load the template into a reply and send it off!

Image of 'Contractor email signatures' template

... and 3 email signature templates!

Customise these email signatures with your company branding and information to quickly create a more unified and professional front across your business communications.

Download The Tradie Consensus on Marketing right now (for FREE!) to receive...

  • team-chat.jpg information to help you build your best website
  • remote-meetings.jpg Unconventional marketing tactics to promote your business
  • project.jpg Strategies to generate new business leads
  • document.jpg a quick response email template
  • proposal.jpg three email signature templates
Computer surrounded by downloadable assets that users can get as part of The Tradie Consensus on Marketing

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