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Logos and Branding for Tradies

Having professional Logos and Branding can often be the difference between receiving that phone call.​

Logos and Branding goes much further than a fancy business card. It’s about your professional representation…how the market perceives you.

Notice we didn’t say, “How you would like to be perceived?” 

Sadly, sometimes how we’re seen in the marketplace and how we’d like to be seen in the marketplace are two very different things.  

When we talk branding, it’s extremely important that we have correct representation. This goes further than a logo. A strong brand should in essence reflect the core values of the business. It is much easier to build a brand, than to re-build a brand, so let us work with you to position you in the right light from the get-go.
Things that you should consider when you’re branding your business are:

Your audience

Does your logo, colour scheme, font, slogan, etc speak to that demographic?
If you’re building modern new homes, then a rustic style logo probably isn’t the right angle for you. Be creative, but keep it on the right track.

Your niche/market

Make your logo relevant to your specific industry.
If you’re an electrician, having a logo with an A-Frame roof is a confusing and misrepresenting. It’s not about copying your competitors, however ensure that your message is complimentary to your niche.

Your competitors

Industry recognition often associates certain elements with certain products. If there is something that clearly works well for your industry, there is no need to re-create the wheel.
Don’t get caught up in what your competitors are doing, but take note of certain elements that work well and brainstorm ways of implementing similar elements into your brand.

The typical products that fall under the Logo and Branding banner are listed below, however if there’s something additional you may need, let us know because chances are we’ve done it before.
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers, Posters and other print media
  • Social Media banners
  • Uniforms and embroidery
  • Digital imagery
  • Vehicle branding
  • Invoice books
Branding packages are also available. Please speak to us for more information regarding the packages.

Below are a handful of the Brands that we have created, or worked with for clients.

12 Elements

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