Getting Started

It’s critical that you’re Getting Started with right solution!

Firstly, let’s talk about you.

We need to make sure that we’re the right fit for each other, so no ones wasting anyone’s time.

You're in business

Do you have a business?
It’s not that we don’t work with startups, however 99% of our clients are businesses that have been around the traps. Established businesses tend to have a better understanding of the importance of investing in sustainable, long-term solutions.

You can communicate

Communication is the key to making a project run smoothly.
We have a very good, streamlined process in place that pretty much takes care of everything once the trigger is pulled, HOWEVER we will inevitably need to communicate at some stage, so for the sake of your project, we expect your cooperation.

You're accountable

Will you do what you say you’ll do?
We have a full development team that’s literally working around the clock on projects just like yours. All we ask is that if you say you’re going to do something, you do it so the team is not held up because they’re waiting on things from you.

You're good at your job

We choose to only work with companies that are great at what they do?
Our solutions are designed to make great companies even greater, so if you’re a buttcrack plumber, you’re not our client. Sorry.

You have budget

If you want a great product, you’ll need to invest in it.
We’re not about sending you broke, however we are 100% about making sure that you have the right solution. You need to treat it as an investment. Afterall, we’re building your business a valuable asset.

You're willing to learn

Are you willing to let us do what we do?
We won’t tell you how to swing a hammer if you don’t tell us how to build your website. Sure we value your input, however there are things that we need to do to make sure everything ticks the boxes. Relax, we know what we’re doing.

If that didn’t scare you off, you can apply now…

Getting started with the right solution will set you up for success, but let’s get some clarity on what success is for you…

  • Are you looking for more work?
  • Would you like to put an extra truck on the road?
  • Are you looking to attract a different type of client?

If you answered YES to any of these, it’s important to understand that having a flashy website may not be the answer to your problems.

Sure, when getting started, having a professional website it is often the starting point that will form the foundation of a huge component of your business, however helping us understand your goals and you understanding what can deliver those goals is paramount to the success of your web strategy.

This is where Tradie Web Guys excels. Our approach is very unique, because it involves us unravelling the real reason behind you contacting us, which means when you’re getting started, you’re getting a solution that’s been tailored to your specific needs.

Very often, it’s not just a new website that you need. Don’t get us wrong, sometimes it definitely can be, however we want to make sure that when you work with us, you’re getting exactly the right solution for your business. This is a brief overview of how the process works.

powerful business women in meeting - Getting Started

Here’s how we like to roll…


Let’s establish the real reason that you want to get started with us. For example, do you want to update your website? If so, why? What are you looking to get out of a new website? It doesn’t take long to get to the real reason, but it certainly helps knowing what questions to ask. Coming from trade backgrounds and working with trade businesses exclusively, we have a very good process of evaluating a businesses needs and prying the truth out of you.


Assessing where you’re currently at, allows us to measure the success of your future campaign(s). If your current website is converting at 2%, that gives us a metric and enables us to measure improvement.

This not only applies to your website. We could use marketing as an example also. What are you currently spending money on to generate more work and how much ROI (return on investment) are you getting from that campaign? Getting started correctly means that all things ned to be considered, otherwise we could be taking a step backwards.

hero image1 1024x682 - Getting Started


We work with you to develop a strategy that ties into your evaluation.

Does your website need re-doing in order to improve conversions?

Do you need to focus more attention on local marketing?

Do you need to work on utilising your current database better?

If your goal is to put another ute on the road, then how are we going to generate enough traffic to enable you to do that?


Action is always the key. With the strategy in place, it’s a case of executing the steps that need to be taken. Depending on the project, the action process will vary in timeframe. If it’s a website, it will all be over quite quickly, however a marketing campaign will employ regular action steps over a period of the campaigns proposed length.

Track and Measure

What gets measured gets done!

Measuring progress enables us to improve and tweak performance. If some key words perform better than others, we can optimise them further and increase traffic. If people are subscribing to one of your web forms more than another, we can try to figure out why that is.