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The Elevation Program

Gain the knowledge, systems and resources you need to get seen in search engines and win more work.


Meet the tradie program that’s going to take your business to new heights.

Whether you’re looking to take the natural next step in the evolution of your trade-based business, trying to target a new client, or just keen to boost your revenue, we want to help.

We’ve seen too many tradies and contractors lose out to their competitors because they were missing key elements in their marketing and communication strategies.

So, we developed an all-in-one solution where we build and supply businesses with all the assets and know-how they need to stand out to consumers in a crowded digital market.

What you get from The Elevation Program

Remember, we’ve designed this solution to create the complete marketing launchpad for any electrical, plumbing, construction or other business looking to grow – so there’s a lot on offer.

We don’t want to bore you by outlining every single resource, system and strategy you’re going to receive (we know you won’t read it anyway), but we will break it down a little further.


As part of this program, businesses will be left with a well-built website, an email marketing system, a website chatbot as well as a few different conversion optimisation tools.


We won’t just build you the resources, we’ll teach you how to use them too. We’ll show you the thinking and process behind what we create so if you want to go it on your own, you can.


Throughout your project, our team will create new content for you to use in your marketing, including: website pages, lead magnets, email newsletters, blogs, case studies and more.


Aside from building, we’ll also be managing a number of key workflows for you, including SEO, CRM and chatbot funnels, Google Ads, conversion optimisation, and email marketing.

Tech Support

Our support team will be monitoring all of your marketing assets around the clock. This includes a managed website care plan, regular reporting, and a monthly optimisation review.


A complete program will offer you more value than single services.

Over time, and through our extensive work with clients, we’ve learnt that if you’ve got holes in your marketing process, single solutions just aren’t going to cut it.

Achieving amazing results in SEO, for example, won’t mean much if you don’t have the systems or strategy to turn all that extra traffic into leads and those leads into customers.

The Elevation Program is designed to fill marketing gaps, so you can streamline success.

Its extended timeline and in-depth approach enables us to build a more comprehensive marketing launchpad for you, one that takes your business’ entire ecosystem into account.

We're going to help you build your marketing foundations.

The Elevation Program bridges the gap between tradies and the professionals they contract to handle marketing.

Over six months, our team of digital specialists will create, deploy, manage and monitor all the marketing assets your business will ever need. 

We’re talking a Google-approved website, optimised web content, an email marketing system, website bots and more.

And they know what they’re doing…just look at how the Google Rankings of these companies have improved in their lifetime with us!

How The Elevation Program Works

This solution is the biggest our agency offers – it is a 6-month project that will leave any plumber, electrician, builder, or other trade-based contractor with a range of marketing and communication systems, strategies and resources. So naturally, there’s a few stages:

Stage - 1

The Elevation Session

Once accepted into the Elevation Program, you’ll book a time with our Director, Matt Jones, to go over your trades-based business, your goals and what to expect from the program.

Together, you’ll lay out the plan for your website strategy (chatbots, creative assets, CTAs, etc) and discuss CRM systems to implement (email marketing automations, offers, etc).

Stage - 2

Marketing Onboarding

After preparing the plans for your website and customer management workflows, you’ll meet again with Matt to prepare the digital marketing side of things.

In this session, you’ll discuss the search engine optimisation strategy (including the keywords you want to target and why) and your Google Ads account.

Stage - 3

We Get To Work

Much like any plumbing project or electrical job, once everything’s out on the table, our team will jump right into it and get their hands dirty.

In this case, we’ll begin building or improving your business website, setting up automations and other new systems, as well as creating new content and much more.

Stage - 4

Launch Day, Baby!

When all your new systems and resources are ready, and have been approved by you, we’ll send them live and then kick off the next phases of the project: monitoring and reporting.

Going live means your newly designed website will be accessible, your customer nurturing and search engine optimisation strategies will begin working, and your ads will start running.

Stage - 5

Measuring And Monitoring Begins

This stage is the biggest and most important of the entire program. It is where we monitor and measure all the assets we’ve created for you so we can determine their success. 

We’ll use insights we gain from this period to revise and improve the resources we’ve built, so we can ensure they’ll continue to be strong foundations for your marketing strategy.

Stage - 6

Reporting Back To You

During the measuring and monitoring stage, we will also be reporting back to you on a number of things so you can see the work we are doing and how well it’s working.

This can include reporting on: SEO, ad traffic, email campaigns, customer engagement, split testing results, website performance and security, new content we create, and much more.

Sounding pretty good, right? So, what about the $$$?

The purpose of this program is to make sure that businesses have a solid marketing launchpad to work from. There is obviously a lot that’s included in your program and clearly a significant amount of work.

Here’s an overview of some of the more noteworthy inclusions:

All of this should be expensive. But we want to make this in reach of the people that need it so…

The Elevation Program is priced at ​ $2,970/month for 6 months.

That means you get everything we’ve mentioned and more for a little over the starting cost of our most popular product, the SEO program.

With all those extras for not much more. It’s a no-brainer.


Elevation Program FAQs

This is a big jump for a lot of businesses, and information is the key to ensuring you’re making the best choice for you, your team and your goals.

To help you decide, we’ve put together some of the most common questions we’ve received about the program. Check them out below.

That depends. If you have no website prior to joining the program then we will build you a new website. If you have an existing website when you sign up then we will assess it, and make adjustments as we see fit.

Part of the Elevation Program’s fees include the maintenance of your website. We’ll monitor it around the clock, ensuring it remains as effective as possible. 

Additionally, we’ll also send you regular reports with updates on the status of your site and summaries of any work we’ve completed. 

Once your six months in the Elevation Program is up, you’ll have the option to pay an ongoing fee for us to continue monitoring and maintaining your website. Otherwise, that responsibility will fall into your own hands.

Once the program ends, you have to make the simple decision of whether you want us to continue managing your assets or not.

As an example, your business website’s maintenance and monitoring is included in the program. However, if you want us to continue managing it after the program ends, you’ll need to move onto our $132/month Website Care Plan, which will take care of license renewals, support, website and plugin updates, backups, hosting and more.

We will offer insights as we go and answer any questions or concerns you may have as they arise. We are currently working on building out our education centre to consolidate all our training and information.

Our team is readily available to help you understand how your assets work and what kind of maintenance or monitoring they will need.

Not really.

You will have the option to set up email automations that will automatically send out emails once a customer or lead meets certain criteria within your system. As with any marketing or business process though, these will need regular optimisation and monitoring to be effective.

It’s important to remember that you will have our consistent and knowledgeable support in setting up and using these assets. We are not going to leave you hanging.

Cost Per Mille is a reference to a marketing measurement that assigns a specific charge per one thousand views or impressions online.

There is currently no CPM charge with the Elevation Program.

When your account is established within our CRM system, we ensure that it has all the necessary DNS records added.

This includes SPF, DKIM & DMARC, which are all there for the purpose of improving email deliverability.

Not sure if this is what you're looking for?

The Elevation Program is an incredibly comprehensive solution, which we know can be overwhelming. We’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

You can contact us today on 1300 417 297 or email us at [email protected]

Alternatively, if this service sounds like the marketing solution you’ve been chasing, click the button below!

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