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The Elevation Program

Gain the knowledge, systems and resources you need to get seen in search engines and win more work.


Ready to create the ultimate marketing launchpad for your business?

Tradie Web Guys' Elevation Program is a 6-month project where we build, manage and monitor marketing assets for your business, while teaching you how to do it yourself every step of the way.
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We're going to help you build your marketing foundations.

The Elevation Program bridges the gap between tradies and the professionals they contract to handle marketing.

Over six months, our team of digital specialists will create, deploy, manage and monitor all the marketing assets your business will ever need. 

We’re talking a Google-approved website, optimised web content, an email marketing system, website bots and more.

And they know what they’re doing…just look at how the Google Rankings of these companies have improved in their lifetime with us!

And you'll be right there alongside us while we work.

Throughout the entire project your account manager will be in constant communication with you. 

They’ll talk you through what we’re doing, how it’s being done and why we’re doing it. 

The Elevation Program is set up so that you will have access to all the same tools, data and knowledge that we do. 

We do it this way, so that if you decide you want to run this show on your own, you can. 

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Who is The Elevation Program for?

Ultimately, it’s for the businesses that want all the toys but don’t have the time or the budget. 

But really, this program is for everyone! Check out some of the places our clients have found themselves in before they came to us.

The Elevation Program works best for businesses who...

Sounding pretty good, right? So, what about the $$$?

The purpose of this program is to make sure that businesses have a solid marketing launchpad to work from. 

There is obviously a lot that’s included in your program and clearly a significant amount of work. 

Here’s an overview of some of the more noteworthy inclusions:

All of this should be expensive. But we want to make this in reach of the people that need it so…

The Elevation Program is priced at ​ $2,970/month for 6 months.

That means you get everything we’ve mentioned and more for a little over the starting cost of our most popular product, the SEO program.

With all those extras for not much more. It’s a no-brainer.

Still unsure?
See what others are saying about us!

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Briohny De Vere
Read More
"Thank you Matt for our AMAZING new logo & website and for also spending the time to teach us how to write good content and to navigate and update behind the scenes. "
1574052857240 7186 medium - Elevation Program
Scott Gellatly
Read More
"The Tradies team are doing a standup job of getting Aussie tradesmen online and using technology to get the edge over the old school guys. They speak in plain english so its easy to understand and pretty straight forward."
1574052923704 4062 medium 1 - Elevation Program
Geoff Brown
Read More
"Thanks so much to the crew at tradie web guys for creating my website, it looks really creative and easy to use! Look no further than these guys to create the perfect website 👌"
1574052923699 7799 medium - Elevation Program
GreenElec PtyLtd
Read More
"Thank you to Matt and the team at TWG who developed our new website and have supported us tirelessly through writing content, adding website functions and digital business ideas. If you want to engage a business that cares about yours... then these are the guys you need to speak with!!"
1574052923711 1114 medium - Elevation Program
Nick Greally
Read More
"Matt and the team at Tradie Web Guys have been excellent to deal with. We continue to use their services and have been spot on every time. Good to have a place that can organise the start-up of your business from business cards to websites. "
1574052923703 9342 medium - Elevation Program
Jennifer Butler
Read More
"Great working with Matt. Always positive, friendly and helpful. In the world of Digital marketing he breaks down the "complex" elements and makes things achievable. Thanks!"

Elevation Program

Frequently Asked Questions

That depends. If you have no website prior to joining the program then we will build you a new website. If you have an existing website when you sign up, then we will assess it and rebuild as we see fit. 

Part of the Elevation Program’s fees include the maintenance of your website. We’ll monitor it around the clock, ensuring it remains as effective as possible.

Additionally, we’ll also send you regular reports with updates on the status of your site and summaries of any work we’ve completed.

Once your six months in the Elevation Program is up, you will have the option to pay an ongoing fee for us to continue monitoring and maintaining your website. Otherwise, that responsibility will fall back into your own hands.

Once the program ends, you have to make the simple decision of whether you want us to continue managing your assets or not.

As an example, your business website’s maintenance and monitoring is included in the program. However, if you want us to continue managing it after the program ends, you’ll need to move onto our $132/month Website Care Plan, which will take care of license renewals, support, website and plugin updates, backups, hosting and more.

Yes. We will offer insights as we go and answer any questions or concerns you may have as they arise. Our team is readily available to help you understand how your assets work and what kind of maintenance or monitoring they need

Not really. You will have the option to set up automations that will automatically send out emails once a customer meets certain criteria. However, these will need regular optimisation and monitoring. 

It’s important to remember that you will have consistent and knowledgeable support in setting up and using these assets. We are not going to leave you hanging.

Cost Per Mile is a reference to a marketing measurement that assigns a specific charge per one thousand views or impressions online. There is currently no CPM charge with the Elevation Program. 

When your account is established with our CRM system, we ensure that it has all the necessary DNS records added. This includes SPF, DKIM & DMARC, which are all there for the purpose of improving email deliverability.'re interested?
Great! But let's get to know each other first...

Who is The Elevation Program for?