ChatBots for tradie websites

The name of the game is 'customer support'.

People want answers and it’s our responsibility to give them those answers. Also, people are impatient and they don’t want to wait until you get home from work to answer your emails.

What’s a chatbot?

Many of us are familiar with chatbots. If you’re not, a chatbot is a popup you see on websites that you visit that guide your customers through a qualification process or help them find what they’re looking for quickly.
They’re extremely useful, very easy to use and can save everyone loads of time. Well, now you can have one too.

Why would I want a chatbot? I'm a tradie.

Good question. Fundamentally, chatbots are there to improve ‘customer experience’. 

Customers are coming to you for information, so the faster we can help them get access to it, the better. Also, you’re busy ‘swinging hammers’, so the less time you have to spend answering basic support questions and enquiries, the better, right. 

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