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Why Every Tradie Needs An SEO Agency

Whether a plumber, mechanic, electrician, or otherwise, your typical customers are those who are experiencing an unexpected problem – one that needs fixing ASAP!

To find your services, they turn to all-knowing Google for quick results and pick one of the top search results that pop up.

Your website needs to be one of those top search results to enjoy the lion’s share of these clicks, callouts, and customers – which is precisely why SEO is the most important tool for every tradie’s online toolbox.

However, SEO is no longer as simple as incorporating a couple of keywords for increased visibility and exposure.

Today, you need to work with an experienced SEO agency for tradies if you want to see real, ROI-inducing results. Here’s why!

Search Engines Continuously Update Their Algorithms

Simply put, SEO strategies that work today may not work tomorrow.

This is especially true for search engines like Google, whose reputation relies on providing the most relevant, reliable results to users searching for answers, services, and products.

Regular updates are crucial for filtering out the frauds and prioritising authoritative websites. And the more these algorithms are updated, the more ranking factors there are to incorporate, or eliminate, from your SEO strategy – and the harder it is to do so.

An SEO agency will have the time, resources, and techniques needed to monitor updates for each search engine and react proactively, protecting as well as boosting your rankings.

This way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your website is up-to-date and search engines’ high expectations – while you focus on the work at hand!

If SEO Is Key, Then Content Is King – And Time Is Crucial!

Search engines, especially Google, are also continuously crawling and indexing websites.

Their goal is to identify any changes, or lack thereof, to readjust their search results and prioritise those websites that exceed, rather than merely meet, their expectations.

In a matter of seconds, your site can go from top dog to the bottom of the barrel!

Unless you’re producing a steady stream of high quality, relevant, and useful content for searchers to enjoy. It shows your dedication and proves your prowess to users and engines alike.

From blogs to vlogs, infographics, high-resolution photos, and more, do you really have the time to post high-quality content regularly and consistently in between callouts? Probably not.

For tradies like you, an SEO agency is essential in this regard. They have the resources, teams of content creators, and time to create, upload, and update content for you.

As Your Tradie Business Evolves, Your Website’s SEO Will Need to Evolve With It

Maybe you’re a plumber who’s just gotten your gas fitting certification. Or, you could be a sparkie who now specialises in commercial electrical work.

Whatever the case, your SEO strategy will need to reflect this in several ways. Otherwise, you’ll lose out on a plethora of prospects searching for your new services!

An SEO agency geared towards tradies will have the insider knowledge and technical skills needed to update your website ASAP, which can include:

  • Developing SEO-optimised pages to expose your new services to searching prospects
  • Adjusting existing content to promote your new services
  • Using local SEO tactics to tailor content for locals in any new service areas

Now that you know why a trade-based SEO agency for tradies is essential, it’s time to find the perfect one for you!

Originating from a tradie background, Tradie Web Guys revolutionised the digital marketing landscape for trade-based businesses in Australia. Now an industry leader, we have the insights and skills needed to take your website to the top.

Visit our website now to see how our SEO services can help you!

Learn the key elements of how to grow a successful Tradie Business and how to use Technology to stand out in the crowd!

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