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Think your website has got what it takes?

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Think your website has got what it takes? 

If search engines like Google and Bing are the new digital market for customers, then a website is the baseline requirement if you want to reap the rewards. 

Many business owners think that a website doesn’t need to be fancy or have much thought put into it, it just needs to have the information customers might need. Those business owners are wrong. 

Your website can actually make or break your success in the digital market and you’ll need a number of different digital elements if you want to convert visitors into new customers. 

Here’s what your website needs to actually benefit your business

A Homepage with:

Short description of who you are

Short explanation of your services/products

Detailing on how you can help customers/why they should choose you

An About Us Page with:

A brief summary of who you are 

A high level look at your company’s history

What makes you different from other contractors

A breakdown of your team (with personal bios + pictures)

Special awards your company may have received 

A Services Page with:

A list of the services you offer to customers (with some detail)

Links or videos to learn more about specialised services if you offer them

Notes on how your services differ from competitors

An FAQ page with answers to the most common questions you get from customers

A Testimonials/Reviews Page with:

Positive reviews your company has received

Photos of job completed

Name/location/Photo of reviewer

A Blog Page with posts related to your services and your industry 

A Contact Page with:

Social media accounts

Mailing address

Phone and fax number

Email address

Business hours 

Contact form

This list is just a baseline for what information you should have so that visitors to your website can learn more about you and become familiar with your business. 

What will actually convert those visitors into paying customers is employing different search engine optimisation and conversion techniques across the pages you’ve created. 

Don’t forget your SEO and Conversion Optimisation. 

These are strategies to get you better visibility in search engines and engagement from website visitors. 

If you’re a tradie or a contractor first, and a digital marketer second (or even third!), then it’s best to look at professional help for this one. 

Marketing agencies not only have the knowledge of the best strategies and tools to use, they also have the expertise, so they can get it done quickly and without much trouble. 

Tradie Web Guys offers a specialist SEO program for trade businesses looking to gain more visibility in search engines and get click throughs to their website. 

If you’d like to know more about it, or see if we have a program to help you, click here to fill out a form and our Director will get in touch with you

But, if you’d rather go it alone, here are some valuable resources that can help you with these strategies. 

Learn the key elements of how to grow a successful Tradie Business and how to use Technology to stand out in the crowd!

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