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Top 10 Benefits Of SEO For Builders

When was the last time you went past the first page of your Google search results?

It’s a rare occurrence to go through all the search engine results when looking for a service or product. Usually, the first couple of companies, especially the top-ranking ones, are what people click on.

That’s what SEO does for you. It makes your company name visible to the right customers, generates leads and improves conversions to generate sales.

Take a look at how we helped a construction firm achieve 1st-page ranking with SEO marketing strategy here.

What Is SEO?

SEO is the process of optimising your business website to make it rank higher in search engine results. It involves incorporating high-ranking keywords into the website content, title tags and headings to make it visible to potential customers looking for the services you offer. SEO is about improving the overall user experience of your website by enhancing speed, navigation and anything that helps visitors find the information they need easily.

How Does SEO For Construction Companies Drive Traffic To Your Websites?

Construction is a highly competitive industry. It’s tough to stand out from the competition and get noticed by customers on the internet. SEO gives you the edge you need to extend your market share and establish your company as an industry leader.

Some benefits of SEO for home builders and construction companies are:

1. Lead Generation

An effective SEO strategy drives qualified leads to your business website with relevant keywords and phrases. When potential customers search for home building and improvement services, their search engine results pop out a list of companies based on their search intent and keywords.

Top ranking building websites will get more traffic because they are visible to the right audiences, thus generating targeted leads to convert.

2. Higher Conversion Rate

The entire purpose of using SEO on your website is to attract a quality audience. A builder has no use for people looking for plumbing services. When relevant keywords are used, it attracts potential customers who are actively looking for a home builder. It improves your chances of conversion considerably because the visitor is interested in the services you are offering.

3. Greater ROI

SEO leads have an average of 14.6% close rate as compared to outbound, which is 1.7%. Investing in an SEO strategy provides greater ROI over the long term, building your brand online brand presence and ensuring a steady stream of target customers to your website.

4. Lower Costs

SEO is a long-term investment, as it needs to be continuously updated, tweaked and added to, to make your website rank higher. But SEO costs are still lower than paid advertising and outbound marketing, which also yield lower results. Paid ads are a one-time investment that work for a limited duration only. SEO, on the other hand, provides continuous results by driving traffic to your website.

5. Builds Credibility

Higher ranking websites build credibility and trust with customers. It shows them that you have a reputation and a solid customer base. That’s especially important when it comes to home building services, where quality, experience and trust are the leading factors contributing to a customer’s decision.

6. Enhanced Customer Engagement

Websites optimised for SEO improve website user-friendliness with quality content, streamlined navigation, and fast speeds. The website design, CTAs, and project galleries all work to maximise user experience, thus directing them towards the desired action. Enhanced customer engagement is one of the ranking factors for search engine optimisation.

7. Creates Brand Awareness

Everyone remembers the websites that rank at the top of search engine results. Consistent high-ranking websites carve a market share and build a solid reputation in the construction industry. SEO makes your brand name prominent and visible, helping increase market share and establish your brand name.

8. Data-Driven Marketing

SEO marketing is trackable through analytics. It provides critical insights into user behaviour, allowing you to make improvements and additions where required. Technical SEO tracks the health of your website, resolving errors, speed and performance. The analytics obtained help enhance user experience to boost and maintain ranking to drive traffic to websites.

9. Local SEO Benefits

Local SEO helps small to medium-sized construction businesses grow in their area with location-based keywords. It helps attract customers looking for building services near them. Local SEO benefits home builders by establishing their brand in their service areas and promoting them as local experts in the construction industry.

10. Long-Term Marketing Strategy

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy which takes at least 4 to 6 months to show results. But once your business website is at the top, oftentimes all you need are minor tweaks, updates and additions to maintain your position. That means your brand name is there to stay if you’re consistent with your SEO and keep building on the website.

Boost Your Online Visibility With Tradie Web Guys

Not sure how to get started with your business SEO? Let the SEO experts at Tradie Web Guys help create a custom SEO plan for your construction business. We specialise in building, managing and monitoring marketing assets to drive traffic to your website to make them rank higher.

Get in touch for more information on our SEO plans today.

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