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Lucrative Lead Generation Tactics For Builders To Increase Their Visibility Customer Base Online

With so many businesses all competing for the same eyes online, how do you get potential customers to not only find you amongst the chaos but decide that you are the builder they need? Lead generation is the answer. It involves identifying prospects (leads), creating a need or desire for your services within them, and nurturing them to follow-through and hire you as their chosen builder.

Lead generation is particularly useful for builders in a world where everything happens and sells online, and our tradie-focused marketers are here to help. Here are three tactics that will help you boost your visibility and increase your leads and customer base online. 

Make Your Website A Lead Luring Machine  

Now, there’s a difference between having a good looking website and having a functional one. When you’re trying to boost your leads, you need to consider a few aspects. The first one is to ensure that your website has an HTTPS rather than an HTTP. HTTPS websites are more secure, and Google naturally favours this. If your URL has a padlock, it’s secured with HTTPS. If it says ‘unsecure,’ it’s not, and prospects’ browsers will actively warn them that your site is unsafe – effectively deterring them from becoming leads. To combat this, reach out to website developers to acquire and install an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate.

Now, take careful note of this one. Consider applying the correct keywords to your website, and by correct, we mean popular. What is the demographic you’re hoping to reach? What are those people organically typing into their search engines to find builders like you? Implement these keywords naturally and strategically into your website to optimise its chances to show up on the first page of search results and earn the lion’s share of warm leads. Prospects don’t search past page one!

Ensuring that all your contact information is visible at both the header and the footer of your page is useful as people tend to procrastinate. Make it easy for visitors to become leads; don’t make them work for it.

Create A Downloadable Resource 

Creating something like an eBook or a downloadable resource on your website adds value to your business by showing customers that you are well informed. You’re also showing that you care about sharing your knowledge and adding value to your prospects’ lives. It could be the do’s and don’ts of preparing for a new home build, a how-to, or DIY home improvement tips. To download your resource, include a contact detail form. This is an irresistible, cost-effective way to increase your customer base through accumulating contact details.

It’s a kind of trade; valuable content and information for their email address. Now you can compile a mailing list, funnelling useful information about your business directly to those leads and nurturing them to convert into paying customers. 

Focus On Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons 

CTA buttons, like “Book A Job” or “Get Your Free Quote,” tells visitors what to do next to complete a desired action, such as contacting you. These are helpful tools for increasing your customer base and should be incorporated visibly onto every page of your website. “Contact Us!” can take them to a contact form where they need to input their details so that you can get back to them (and save them for email marketing campaigns).

Lead generation tactics are incredibly cost-effective for builders, bringing in streams of warm leads and nurturing them into paying customers that keep coming back. If you’d like to get more leads, and thus customers, contact the tradie marketing specialists at Tradie Web Guys!

Coming from a tradie background, we use lead generation tactics designed for your industry, expectations, terminology, and restrictions. No one-size-fits-all strategies, only targeted tactics that offer real results for your industry.

Let’s talk about what lead generation can do for you, or you can get started here!

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