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The Importance Of An About Us Page

Your business website is designed to have the maximum impact and impress visitors, converting them into paying customers. Each page, from service to contact us and blogs, is created with quality content and SEO. Then why is the “About Us” page so often overlooked and treated as an afterthought?

As a vital digital asset, it’s the second most visited page of websites after the homepage. Don’t underestimate the importance of the about us page and its vast benefits.

Just click on your business website’s About Us page and ask yourself:

  • Does it show your customer who you are?
  • Does it connect to the reader?
  • Does it initiate trust?

If your About Us page is not representing your brand identity, creating trust, and showcasing benefits to users, then you’re not utilising one of your website’s most important pages.

Your About Us page allows you to personalise your content by telling your story – without worrying about SEO and service descriptions. This page allows you to create a direct connection with your readers, identifying yourself as someone they would like to work with and trust.

A generic and vague About Us page has the opposite effect, portraying you as another one in a million companies, making your business and website easily forgettable and often passed over. What makes your website’s about us page one of the most viewed webpages?

Read on to find out more.

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Why  An About Us Page Is A Critical Element of Any Business Website

Showcases Your Brand Identity

An about us page tells your story, detailing how and where you began your company as well as where you are now. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce your business to prospective customers and show them the benefits of choosing your services or products.

Builds Credibility and Trust

When a potential lead visits your about us page, they will be looking for a reason to trust you with their business. As such, write about your values and mission statement to highlight the advantages and solutions you are providing to your customer. Persuade them without being pushy or forward by communicating in a casual, friendly, and relatable tone.

Speaks to The User

An about us page replaces anonymity with familiarity, putting a face and identity to your business name. This assures visitors that they’re dealing with real people who will be there for them when required, providing transparency and boosting confidence.

How to Write an About Us Page For a Website

An effective about us page is the key to tapping into your customer’s psyche, creating the final push towards conversion and interaction. Use your website’s about us page to its full potential with some of these useful tips.

Customer Focused

Although your about us page tells your story, it shouldn’t be all about your business. The content should be crafted to portray how your qualifications and expertise can benefit your customer.

For example, writing the story of how and where your business started and what you learnt along the way will communicate years of experience and understanding of customer requirements. This is how your about us page will promote trust and confidence in your business, assuring the reader that you have the skills and portfolio to support your services.

Establish Your Brand Identity

Add personal experiences, employee bio, quotes, and core values a potential lead can relate to. Personalise your content and give an identity to your business by showing you prioritise your customers, focusing on relationship building and communications. This makes customers feel valued and reassures them that you will be there when they need you.

Focus on the Tone and Language

An about us page is generally written in a casual, informative, and friendly tone, with language that is easy to understand. Keep your target audience in mind and speak to them instead of at them. For example, writing a commercial electrician website about us page will be different from a residential one, with the content targeted at businesses for commercial and homeowners for residential.

Lastly, use images and visuals of your team, with an engaging design and format, to leave a lasting impression on your customers. Balancing visual and written content ensures that your page isn’t boring or lengthy to read. Try to stick to the essentials, such as who, what, when, where, and how, to showcase your journey and identity. You can also go over about us page examples and ideas from high-ranking websites for more guidance and direction. This always helps in understanding what appeals to users. And don’t forget to add a CTA at the end to complete the page and motivate the user to interact.


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