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Agency Reveals Why Email Marketing Is So Effective For Tradies Read

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Whether you already have all your past customers’ emails stored conveniently in an automated CRM (Customer Relationship Management tool) or they’re folded up in one of your pockets, they’re the golden ticket to countless callouts you’ve been waiting for!

Our digital marketers, who work exclusively for tradies, were quick to pick up on how effective these email lists were for marketing services and increasing the number of work hours.

These lists are essentially warm potential customers that have been pre-primed to work with you again, as they’ve worked with you before. And for tradies, getting new clients is much harder than those that have already worked with you know, like, and trust your work.

You don’t need to sell, convince, or persuade – you just need to nudge. You won’t have to build a new relationship, but nurture an already established one.

By using email marketing for tradies, you can be that nudge and tap into this wealth of work efficiently and effectively. Here’s why!

Creates Repeat Customers

Using personalised, automated email campaigns, you can target past home and business owners who have used your services in the past with a variety of persuasive, attention-attracting marketing tactics.

Whether it be notifying them of a current promotion or re-framing a service they’ve already used to remind them how necessary it is, email marketing offers a plethora of opportunities to draw them back in!

For this to work, however, your emails would need to be professional, interesting, and contain strategic copy that sells. It should influence the reader and encourage them to use your services.

And if they don’t, email marketing still acts as a great reminder, increasing your brand awareness and recognition. Next time they need your services, they’re much more likely to think of you!

Captures New Customers

Although a challenge in comparison to past customers, email marketing is also an effective, low-cost tactic for tradies to draw in new ones!

Your current email list can easily and quickly forward any interesting articles, helpful how-tos, brilliant deals, and irresistible offers to their friends and family with one simple click!

This is especially important for tradies, who rely on word-of-mouth and recommendations just as much as they do repeat customers. In a time of shady marketing tactics, consumers trust and listen to recommendations from people they know.

Unrivalled Simplicity And Affordability

Forget print or postage costs, fees for ad space, or bidding hits and misses. Aside from the initial fee, digital marketing agencies offer a plethora of packages to suit any business and budget.

Taking it a step further, they will also offer email marketing automation and CRM software. Once online and operational, you won’t have to worry about monthly running fees.

Email marketing campaigns also offer a timely turnaround, sometimes even within days!

Although email marketing is clearly effective for the growth of tradie businesses, the profits it provides are tenfold when using strategies specifically developed for tradies, by tradies.

Digital marketing agency, Tradie Web Guys, offers precisely that service.

By working exclusively for tradies, and coming from a tradie background ourselves, we craft highly targeted, personalised, and successful email marketing for  tradies campaigns.

Contact us today to book a call with one of our strategists to discuss how we can draw in customers, old and new!

Learn the key elements of how to grow a successful Tradie Business and how to use Technology to stand out in the crowd!

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