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4 Disastrous Digital Marketing Mistakes For Plumbers To Avoid

The beauty of being a plumber is that everyone and every business needs you. You have an ever-increasing pool of prospects that will need you at some point, if not now. How do you reach them in today’s modern market? Through digital marketing. However, this marketing method is as beneficial as it is challenging for plumbers. With so much opportunity, developing a targeted, profitable digital marketing strategy can be challenging – especially for plumbers trying to do it alone. Mistakes will be made. And that’s where we come in!

Tradie Web Guys comes from a background in the plumbing industry, allowing us to help plumbers like you navigate the digital marketing world. Let’s take a look at four common digital marketing mistakes you should avoid.

#1 Not Doing Your Homework

Although digital marketing is extremely affordable, that doesn’t mean that you have money to waste. It’s an art, a science that requires research to guide your decisions and target your campaigns. Otherwise, how will you reach your target audience with the right messages to persuade them to hire you? How will you maximise your spend and results?

Sure, in-depth market, customer, and competitor research would be ideal. However, you would need a tradie-focussed digital marketing agency with the time, skills, and tech for this. Otherwise, speak with your customers about what they want, what they don’t want, and any plumbing problems they regularly face. Research your competitors to see what’s working for them – and what isn’t. Then, adjust your strategy accordingly.

#2 DIY Website

Websites are more than a simple online page with your contact details. They need to be professionally developed to be functional on mobile devices, secure, beautiful, easily navigated, and load quickly. Otherwise, you risk losing a large portion of prospects.

Professional website developers will also ensure your website is populated with important online assets that draw customers in and keep them there, such as a portfolio, FAQ section, dedicated landing pages to increase plumbing leads, call-to-action-buttons, and so on.

#3 Scant Social Media

Social media may seem inconsequential. However, these platforms have become essential for small businesses to connect with customers and prove their prowess. Nowadays, social media is used in every corner of the world with a particular focus on following, finding, and engaging with businesses like yours. Having a strong social media presence where you regularly post projects and advice and interact with customers will send quality traffic to your website and increase your plumbing leads.

#4 Discounting Content

Content creation is essential for marketing your services. By creating quality blogs, how-to videos, eBooks, podcasts, and so on, you can draw prospects in by asserting your prowess as a plumber, industry-leader, and trustworthy tradie. It allows you to show off your knowledge, skills, and passion for helping your customers find the best solution for their budget. Quality content will not only bring in more website visitors but leads and customers too!

As you can see, digital marketing can be extremely lucrative for plumbers when you know what you’re doing. If you don’t, come to Tradie Web Guys! We know your terminology. We understand your challenges. And we know how to overcome them to help you build a successful plumbing business online and offline.

Contact us to talk about what digital marketing can do for you or get started here!

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