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3 Local SEO Tips For Plumbers From Our Tradie Marketing Experts

Local SEO is extremely lucrative for plumbers. Not only does it increase the quality and quantity of your website visitors, but it helps you crush your local competition. For example, a recent study conducted by Go Gulf found that 28% of local searches result in a purchase. That’s incredible, considering 86% of users search for local businesses online.

However, in order to enjoy the lion’s share of these visitors, and thus profits, your website will need to be optimised for local SEO. Before we delve into our top three local SEO tips for plumbers, what exactly is it?

What Is Local SEO For Plumbers?

Local SEO is similar to traditional SEO but with a focus on geographical proximity. Essentially, it targets a smaller, more specific audience in your local vicinity. Why? Because there’s less competition and more opportunities to rank high on Google, Bing, and other search engines. This is especially important for plumbers, as you can make yourself a local, household name for call-outs.

Rather than trying to rank for the much sought-after “hot water services” and “plumber,” local SEO specialists will target keywords from neighbouring home and business owners that show clear intent to use your services now. Think “plumber near me” and “emergency plumber Sydney.”

Local SEO Tips To Optimise Your Campaign

#1 Have A Mobile-Friendly Website Professionally Developed:

As of November 2020, 58% of website visitors come from mobile devices, meaning that over half of your prospects will find and interact with your business on their smartphones and tablets. Your website needs to be developed to function seamlessly on mobile phones to avoid deterring them. And although you’re likely used to doing it yourself, website development is a complex, technical process that’s best left to the professionals. Especially when you consider the importance of a professional website for plumbers.

#2 Ensure Your Website Is Secure

A secure website not only protects you and your customers from online criminals but also instils a sense of confidence and trust in prospects. On top of that, it also prevents anti-virus software from flagging your website as unsafe – effectively discouraging any new business.

A secure website with a domain beginning with HTTPS (not HTTP) will also earn Google’s approval – and the ranking boost that comes with it. Make sure your website developers offer website protection services too!

#3 Incorporate NAP Information

The bottom of each page on your website, or ‘footers,’ should have clear and correct NAP information – your business’ name, address, and phone number. This ensures that your prospects can easily and quickly find and contact you no matter where they are on your site – increasing customer satisfaction rates and sales.

However, this is also an essential element for local SEO optimisation. Standardised, consistent, and correct NAP information produces hundreds, if not thousands, of positive local SEO ranking signals to search engines. Essentially, it acts as one of the factors that ensure your website ranks high on Google, Bing, and so on.

If you’re interested in learning more about what local SEO and digital marketing can do for plumbers like you, visit our blog here!

However, if you’re interested in increasing your customer base, landing more profitable leads, strengthening your online presence, and increasing sales – come to Tradie Web Guys! With a background in plumbing, we’re the digital marketing agency you need to succeed online.

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