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10 simple steps to find and hire your best employees yet

Forget ordinary applicants.
Let's find the right guys to grow your business.

After years of interviewing a range of hiring experts on his podcast, The Site Shed, Matt Jones has compiled all the best recruitment advice and strategies into one Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) exclusively for tradies and contractors.

Armed with this incredible business asset, you can effectively skip recruitment run around, stop wasting your money and resources on job agencies and instead, start hiring the qualified and capable people you’ve been chasing for your team RIGHT. NOW.

We present: The Tradie Web Guys' Guide To Recruitment!

A FREE, downloadable step-by-step procedure that will walk you through the best workflow to find and hire the right candidate for your business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a plumbing business, electrical contractor, construction company, solar specialist or something else entirely!

If you’re a tradie or contractor who’s struggled to fill positions in their business in the past, then we can guarantee there are insights in here for you.

So, what’s included in this free digital download you ask? we’ll tell you. 

The Tradie Web Guys’ Guide To Recruitment includes:

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A 10-Step Hiring Process You Can Start Implementing Today

Uncover email templates, document structures, advice and strategy, questionnaires, checklists and more all designed to help you recruit and onboard the reliable and skilled tradies and contractors you've been looking for.

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4 Email Templates To Streamline Your Communication

Stay in touch with the great candidates that you find using emails that we've already written for you. All your admin team have to do is simply copy and paste the text, insert any details and you're ready to go!

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2 Questionnaires To Help You interview

In the heat of the moment, it can be hard to stay on track. You've got your standard questions that you know you need to ask your candidate and their references, but what about some out of the box ones to help you get a true understanding?

But that's not all...

On top of sharing insights into the best ways you can prepare for a new role, advertise the position and interview your candidates, we also want to help you create your best onboarding processes yet.

So, in addition to the above content, we’re also throwing in a free onboarding checklist for before your new employees start and for their first day on the job!

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2 Onboarding Checklists To Help You Welcome The New Hire

You can use these checklists to introduce a new employee into your business with ease. Plus, it will help you ensure you stay on top of the new hire's education and experience in your business over the following weeks.

Download Tradie Web Guys' Guide To Recruitment now to receive...

  • team chat - Tradie Web Guys' Guide To Recruitment a 10-step process to help you hire new people for your team
  • remote meetings - Tradie Web Guys' Guide To Recruitment 2 questionnaires to help you conduct interviews and reference checks
  • project - Tradie Web Guys' Guide To Recruitment 2 checklists to onboard your new team member with ease
  • document - Tradie Web Guys' Guide To Recruitment 4 email templates to guide your communication with candidates
  • proposal - Tradie Web Guys' Guide To Recruitment a list of top tools to use to manage your hiring process from start to finish
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Ready to level-up your recruitment strategy?
Download Tradie Web Guys' Guide To Recruitment now.

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